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The scale is visible in Plate VIII, Justice. Until the last of your hair is counted. Beard: Manhood, decision authority, such as The Emperor, kings crown and gold, also wisdom in the case of Pope, or Hierophant psychopomps and the number VIIII, The Hermit. Basto, cane: Assets, phallic symbols of the vertical link heaven and earth (See scepter). In the oceanic tribes and African American groups, including staff, is itself ceremonial instrument of shamans; sign of authority.

Good and evil: Two ways. In the arcane number VI is fully shown the decision of a character that attracted two equally powerful and important forces. Pythagoreanism In these two energies were signified by the branches of the letter Y. Born of a common root forced us to make a decision in line with the track. On its moralizing these forces but latent in the soul of the Lover are merely the constant conjunction of opposites which is Conscripts any soul in the way of their liberation. Good and evil are but two aspects of the same thing, except that Good is capitalized and is identical to the Liberation.

In that case it would be uremic and evil chthonic, thus establishing a natural hierarchy between the self and the other, the real ego-I and-personal. Bag, bag: The bag or sack denote as intimate, internal membership of each subject, so it is also a symbol of being and the possibilities of what there saved. All our items needed, our magical instruments, are in the bag, even today, our keys (keys), our money (medium of exchange), and address books (ie, the relationship with our environment), and even our credit, and efficient those horrible plastic cards, the charge in the bag.


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