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It makes two decades didn’t have internet, didn’t have the email to contact us, nor dreamt advances in communications that we have today. For each one of us is as natural to receive information instantly that we not even think about this. I remember that if we wanted to send a message to other city we had to go to the telegraph office and write a few words, that through the code were transmitted by Morse during the 1980s. When I needed to make a long distance call, I had to ask the telephone operator, and it processed it for after an hour making contact. When it is put in the middle of the maelstrom of advances, paradoxically we don’t realize them. Everything seems so natural. My children were born using a computer connected to the internet and each of them has a cell phone of the latest technology.

Advances in the last 50 years have been greater than in the entire history of humanity. Everything has evolved, however the new way of doing business nothing but only for some. Still dominates the old trade where the owner serves the residents of the neighborhood. People still attending the moll or stores to buy their goods. While is true internet commerce continues to rise year to year, even low. This is a phenomenon that occurs by the fear that he wakes up in the bulk of the people the possibility of handing over his money to a group of ideological circuits.

On the other hand, those same people save their money in banks which work exclusively with computer systems. Trade online can say that everything is just the beginning. Trade affiliate currently earns huge sums of money have decided whom to work in that area. Of the billions of people who have access to the internet a group very small corresponds to affiliated merchants. For the reasons already written and others, don’t have too much competition. To be an affiliate seller does not have to invest a single dollar, you don’t need advanced computer knowledge, it is not necessary to count with a web site; In short, you can start from scratch and before a month be earning double his current wage labour. Many are not going to believe this, and others will not want to try. They are educated to dependence on others, financial freedom is not in its mentality. Security prevail in the vast majority. That is why this sales system is so effective. Few people offered hundreds of thousands of products, mainly digital. And the huge profits are divided between them. To give an example, the most famous site of this area, has among its affiliates distributed almost $ 2 billion in the last ten years. There are affiliates are earning up to $ 20,000 each month. To give the last example, the course that teaches the affiliates to make money using facebook has earned enough to its affiliates. It is the commissions Facebook course. A good way to start in this lucrative business.

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