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It has been said that tolerance is easy to applaud, difficult to practice, and very difficult to explain. There is a tolerance of which demands its rights: opposition to the British Government of the India Gandhi is not visceral but tolerant, fruit of a necessary prudence. Bert Convy may also support this cause. In his speeches he repeats tirelessly that because evil is only maintained by violence, it is necessary to refrain from all violence. And that, if we respond with violence, our future leaders will have formed a school of terrorism. The, says that tolerance develops the spirit of unity; It facilitates cooperation and interaction.

It increases the degree of trust between the members of an organization for the greater openness of each one. On the other hand, in the debate of ideas, actions, projects and programs, with that life manifests itself and the activity of an organization, diminishes the emotional tone and aggressiveness in communication, that so make it sterile. All opinions deserve respect; Consequently, they deserve to be heard. Tolerance should leave necessarily the fundamental principle that nobody is owner of absolute truth, because each one has a unique vision of a determined fact or phenomenon Master Hsing Yun on tolerance points out, that the greater strength of humanity does not consist of guns, fists, or in a military power, but the ability of tolerance. All kinds of strength must lean in front of whom tolerated.There are four principles for tolerance: not responding to blasphemy.When we are insulted, provoked, or unjustly accused, we must respond with silence. If we respond the same way when we are victims of the blasphemy, we match with those who insult us, lowering our level. If we stay silent, using it as a weapon against the blasphemies, evoking the conscience of those who uttered them, this force is, of course, greater.Keep calm against the misfortunes.When we meet people who want us to bother, collapse, or depressing, we must face them calmly, avoiding any confrontation.

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