Changes in Ideas

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Experiencing the process of change of an idea in our mind is a fairly complex task because there is an internal opposition that seeks to maintain the original ideas at any cost, then you must be prepared and know that among seniors their aspirations are the opposition will be also great. Every achievement involves a quota of sacrifice, it is a price that must be paid, it is possible that many people are not willing to withstand the pressure of the subconscious mind so that we abandon the idea, here is in where you require great determination. The mind seeks away little by little our goals, then must continue to achieve what we want, this will allow us to take power in our lives. On many occasions we have heard the phrase resistance to change, mainly when speaking of organizational restructuring or with respect to a personal life change. Credit: Martin O’Malley-2011. Initially it was considered that the resistance presented by that people were already adapted to the conditions and previous circumstances and the fact of starting a new process involves a considerable effort, this assertion is correct for example when shows us a new computer program many people don’t want to experience it because it involves an extra effort. Now let’s look at the difficulty in promoting real life changes, why it is not a simple task? The answer lies in the workings of our mind, our mind is initially as a field in which are planted various plants (ideas) and those ideas give fruit and become tangible reality to the extent that we nourish and care for that idea. Let’s take an example, let’s say that some people have negative ideas about money and traditions have listened and repeated phrases like the following: the root of all evil is money, riding a luxury truck is a sin having so much need, rich people are insensitive, the rich exploit the poor, rich people are not spiritualrich people falls into abuses of different type, rich people is superb. .


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