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How can deduct the problem is so diametrically opposed interests that have both partners. Who chooses either option will always feel disappointed, angry, and resentful, because you feel your partner does not understand their needs. And in reality, do not understand, they are based on different interests, different. Finally, in general, are covered first, those needs, the couple who has higher purchasing power, or better income, say, one who has the money. The whole economic situation is always carried to other areas of interaction between partners, such as: extended families Children The times spent on the couple’s time Sex There is no single recipe, each couple needs to find the balance of power, conflict, money, and overcome every day, and every time their situation … Musician has much to offer in this field. It is imperative to raise the issue of money not to create resentment and values that understood … after all, no one understands … When there are imbalances in the way of dealing with problems of money, usually, there are difficulties in the privacy of the couple, not just the sexual aspect, but on relationships and intimacy, also …

feelings, resentment, and in the privacy claims arise when the problem of money has not been clarified … Money management is a major source of conflict to the extent not taken into account both sides, only those that correspond to the supplier … However, the other part of the couple also have important contributions such as: the time, effort, understanding, and care, but that apparently does not pay, in terms of money … The money issue is delicate, and more at a time like the present one, in which both partners contribute to the livelihood … It is important to realize what are those factors or situations that drive us to make money management a position of power or privilege … It is very essential to recognize that you make another part of our couples … but not contribute money, because maybe, we are able to generate the money, because in another area of our lives there is order, warmth, tranquility, stability, consistency, safety …

But that does not value it psychological economic terms … but … But it is not physically measurable as we can provide …. Seems to lose its meaning …. From my point of view, the best, unless you find a better way is to talk and understand what the needs of both sides of the couple … in order to achieve balance in life partner. I believe that each partner establishes and limits itself and what is not willing to give … for the good of it. Really commit to giving or receiving in a relationship is a personal decision. And I know that you have your own answer, and perhaps is the best.


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