Critical Assimilation

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From then on it was initiated lesson with a project in the picture of ' ' What it is Philosophy, for introduction of Disciplina that went to be studied, having as objective to awake the attention of the pupil, to stimulate the reflection and the inquiry, to clarificar the concepts, to interpret the meanings, to elaborate the arguments and to determine the validity of inferncias' '. To this direction it is agreed to what it writes prf Arroyo when it says: To educate is to disclose to know, meanings, but before any thing, to disclose to us as professors educators in our condition of human beings. He is ours I officiate, our human being docncia (ARROYO, 2000, P. 67). Understanding Ensino Average as classroom with majority of Young Adolescent, with problems, verified that the Prof looks for in elapsing of the lessons, to consider activities that involved coherent methods and techniques with the reality and interest of the pupils, to awake the interest to them for Disciplina de Filosofia. Arroyo professor (2000, P.

67) in its writings emphasizes this wakening of the pupils through the drawing that if follows: For the Being For knowing Interest To live in group To teach For the life For making To respect next For learning In this direction Almeida Professor takes in them to think that: Throughout the year it goes to learn Philosophy, and our objective is to so allow you to a safe learning and how much possible stimulant. Our hope, is that it obtains to have good classifications the Philosophy. The Philosophy is much more an activity of what a body of knowledge. If the things to run well at the end of the year will know to think (2003, P. 8). to inside involve the pupils in its reality of the classroom beyond an educative function, prof must have the formative purpose, in function of the theoretical process and practical of the pupils it must be proportionate a significant way of Critical Assimilation of the Philosophy, having the commitment to increase each time more the capacity criticizes and creator of the pupil, having as reference the text used in room of.


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