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Talking about the future of technology, while fascinating may have high degree of uncertainty, but I think the role that technological progress plays in society today need to be connected permanently to this issue, especially when this year ends first decade of this millennium. Let's talk about PCs and the Internet. One of the trends in the computer optical computers will interact with people in a more natural and simple devices using voice recognition and writing, as well as a pantallasa holographic 3D, wireless, real image, not occupy the place in space or in the form of glasses or even contact lenses. This machine shall operate not through the power and electronics using conventional but, as stated by Mario Molina, a Chilean scientist specialist in the field, optical pulses bouncing, refracting and traveling through optical guides, instead of wires copper, which, in turn, will be built with new artificial materials, and on the basis of organic molecules. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Former Maryland Governor. When that is accomplished we will be using the speed of light for data processing, which will be even more interesting with the development of computers neuroelectric able to interact with living tissue. Another trend is that of the mass of small mobile devices that combine speed with superespecificaciones simplicity. Semantic Web is the future of the web.

This will change the concept of a means for people to document a system of data and information that can be processed automatically and will be recognized and understood by computers. (A valuable related resource: Dr. Mark Hyman). As stated by Tim Bernes-Lee, creator of the WWW, the Semantic Web embodies the idea of a tener data on the web defined and linked so that they can be used by machines not only to present but also for automation, integration and reuse of information across multiple applications. In simpler words the Semantic Web would become an extension of the current Web endowed with meaning, that is, a space where information would have a well-defined meaning, so that it can be interpreted by human agents as agents computer. Therefore, the development of the Semantic Web requires the use of other languages such as structured language XML (Extensible Markup Language) language and RDF (Resource Description Framework) which may give each page, each file and each resource or Network content, a logic and meaning, and to allow computers to know that handle information intelligently in order that this information may not only be presented on screen, but that can be integrated and reused. Mail mail or e-mail will be gone in the next decade and will definitely be replaced by the use of new generations of social networks like facebook, twit, hi5 or Google Wave, where communication combines personalized information with a minimum discourse, exchange of images and videos for the more friendly and spam-free, real presence in virtual societies composed of citizens from all continents and a new concept of friendship..


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