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It seems impossible to divert attention to the stark reality, and is that risks increase quickly because greed in the enrichment and the greed of those who can most overstep the bounds of integrity barrier. Increasingly powerful agencies and of the world’s most populous Nations, such as the Chinese, La India, the United States and others, govern the life and history of humanity at the moment, with its immeasurable demands, while special offices could check possible differences to establish the new market rules, more fair, equitable and compassionate. Read more from Michael Chabon to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The Dominican Republic, in general sense, assumes a difficult position, the expense of large superfluous expenditures, of the lack of effective plans that instantly make deal with the serious situation that presents us with the dilemma of multiple solutions, from the outer scope and implementation of internal policies is no exception. How they are treated today these crucial issues, safety on public roads which reflects a form of social inequality, should be a topic political, tending to seriously establish a relationship of the State with society; be on the agenda of Governments, by the various planes that touches, from health to justice, insurance and property rights; Since the distribution of food and transportation to labor, studies or sites of fun until the respect for life, rules, free transit and coexistence; from citizen to civic education security and the preservation of the environment. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Bernie Sanders has to say. Since the improvement and modernization of all the estates of the road network to the needs of investments appropriate infrastructures, accompanied by audits vials. Vehicles move with fuel mainly from petroleum; the use of oil emits gases that harm the environment; the food of the population are distributed by roads and highways, especially built for vehicular mobility; tract public, that are required to be safe, under operation with technological resources, are constructed with materials derived from oil, so manufacture and operation of the equipment and the development of applied technologies depend on crude oil derivatives.


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