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A new approach of business development the efficiency project of metSpirit examines how efficiently a company implements its economic purpose and what potential can be activated. That is crucial for aware-be within the company as the sum of all employed staff, executives and management. Differences in polarity reduce the efficiency of the implementation of this consciousness. There is a direct correlation with profits and operational development. Click Dr. Mark Hyman to learn more. A company’s system is based on two opposite poles. You come by the different distribution of power and responsibility. On the one hand, employees receive instructions and execute them.

On the other hand, a management, what is “right and wrong” for the purpose of the undertaking and are formulated this as instructions. The hierarchical structure of the executives allows the smooth transition from one pole to the other. For example, a Department head to 60 per cent staff can (Statement receiver) and 40 per cent management (instruction donors). The ratio depends on the size of his Department and the skills. The energy, which the company needs to be able to implement its economic purpose, resulting in the internal polarization of these two mechanisms.

As well as a light bulb only can be brought by the river of electricity to light up, the interaction between statement-giver and receiver is necessary. It works on the same principle as the law of magnetism in physics. Depending on the two poles are further away from each other, the energy is the weaker and more prone to interference. The quality decreases with the distance. Through the gaps in the internal awareness, efficiency and money is lost. What is issued on the one hand, is weaker on the other hand, distorted or even counterproductive. The difference affects the energy of an intended result of the management. Gaps, indicating that the Employees produce vibrations, which do not fit to the vibrations of the management. For this reason, a company loses efficiency in implementing its economic purpose. Embrace change is also difficult. The efficiency project with this metaphysical background unique metSpirit project is consciously-its exactly opposite of both poles. It graphically shows the existing gaps. In addition, negative and distorted settings are clearly visible. A “barometer of positive and negative extremes” looking for subliminal existing conflict potential within the company. The detailed interpretation of the data is grouped in four pillars: ICH-Bewusst-sein conflict relationship of employer/employee communications to targeted measures in the core areas of the company can be used. Not later than 12 months after the development should be presented with a new implementation of the project comparing. Efficiency aims to improve and boost the entrepreneurial Power quality. To optimize the implementation of visions, tasks and changes over the existing also. This can be activated new potentials for the company in a very simple and resource-saving way. The efficiency project deals with the highest level of a company. The opening for the energetic side is a work on the real maximum of possibilities of Heinrich Kohlmeyer consultants for applied, spiritual metaphysics more about it see the efficiency project: background, intent and benefits “and

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