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Generally, with regard to simulators in melee combat, try to use those that can walk, wobble, vraschatsya.Tak you develop a spatial orientation, dexterity and precision of udarov.S the first weeks of training using mobile simulators, which are springy under your udarami.Cherez half a year you can already work with stationary stationary trenazherami.Ne use them right from the start of training because you can deform bones and joints of your limbs, which are likely not accustomed to strong shocks in the firm poverhnost.NE transforms himself into an invalid! For some people, a question arises: whether to wear gloves to practice punches at the gym? I say YES! Gloves practiced strokes kulakom.Vam not need to turn your fist into the likeness of. will strengthen the periosteum joints fist different kinds of push-ups on kulakah.Otrabatyvaya punches without gloves, in the absence of an experienced instructor you risk injury to his arm at the wrist with all the ensuing consequences. Residents Energy is likely to agree. With respect to working off of kicks, they should perform shod feet, initially habituating them to the specifics of his training in obuvi.Vyberite shoes to suit your taste and udobstvu.Vot several criteria of your choice: Keep when struck toecap not cave in, not to break your toes. Shoes should hold well on the leg, so after the first leg a good kick your shoes do not have flown in tridesyatoe state, and you are left with leg unshoed. Modify your shoes 'bells and whistles' (eg on the toe and heel tamp horseshoes or shipy.Na surface of the foot, apply a soft tread of foam or a towel so that when struck against a hard surface can not fight off his leg.) In home, where you can not use bulky heavy simulators use different boxes of juice or milk, podveshannye the ceiling on ropes at various vysote.Eto imitation of vulnerable zones several such simulators protivnikov.Pust nedolgovechny.Menyayte them as nadobnosti.Zato you use them to increase the speed and accuracy of their work udarov.NE IMPACT AIR! This vozmozhnolish in the initial stages trenirovok.V simulators as well as you can use a variety of weight and obemu punching bag or stuffed in old clothes, stuffed with a few trainers tryapem.Rabotayte odnovremenno.Oni simulate several opponents in a variety of outdoor situations. Hung out to them in a circle, a semicircle, in line and your ligaments t.d.Otrabatyvanie beats arranged so trainers will give you a good experience of combat with multiple opponents. But no amount of exercise equipment is no substitute for training with a live person-partnerom.V ideal training with simulators and their partners should be equal to each other in a long time

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