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What is the highest paid job in the world? I’ve asked this question a lot of people and I’ve got a great quantity and variety of responses. Here are the main responses: the better paying jobs are actors and famous actresses. (Source: Michael Chabon). Then come the other famous athletes. This is the answer that gives the greatest number of people. The politician. Diamond Comic Distributors might disagree with that approach.

They think only line the pockets this is also a response that many people give. The airline pilot and air traffic controller. In Spain they come to collect 250,000 Euros per year and also pay them accommodation in good hotels. Without doubt, in our country these professions are the best paid with salaries far above that you pay in other countries. Motherhood. Nice response from a mother who thinks that his son is the best payment that can receive.

In Alaska they pay you 50,000 USD for being 4 months in the giant crab fishing. This work is very well paid, but it is very dangerous because you can stay in the icy waters. He’s a whore’s luxury. Well Yes, there are luxury whores who earn lot of money. Unemployment. You do nothing and get paid for not doing so. If it’s choice of work in which you pay more in relation to what you are doing, no doubt receive the unemployment benefit is the best. Medical professions: anaesthetist, surgeon, dentist, gynecologist, etc. In United States charge $200,000 a year. There is no public medicine in United States (this was before the recent reform of Obama) and a private doctor can charge you whatever he wants. Bullfighters and football players. Yes, but that is in our country. -Careers in engineering. In Latin America all the engineering programs are among the best paid. -Some window cleaner in New York charged a fortune for his work but his work has much risk. When the attacks on the twin towers in New York, some were cleaning the crystals. Ivanhoe: Original author and source of the article.

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