IT Outsourcing No Panacea In The Crisis

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“” cioforum: ‘ who masters his craft, no need to fear external service providers “Munich, January 2009 core of insource, outsource context”, this was the motto of the IT industry in the past ten years. The statement is clear: the context is interchangeable. Who would write today even a word processor or application software for enterprise resource planning (ERP). We must ask ourselves, why we want to make certain services not. And the reasons are manifold: it is the cost that a service will cost us? “Or must rather be formulated: it is possible optimized and efficiently perform all necessary services a company”, Andreas Rebetzky, spokesman of the cioforums in Munich wonders. Running a server be commodity”here there arrive on efficiency, cost per server. The operation of a business process, its optimization, design, re-engineering – this could core”being so belong to the core: A Logistics businesses would be wise to have its own experts on the topics related to supply chain management. A manufacturing company should have knowledge of manufacturing processes and material logistics and variant configurations.

This is their core business. We are experiencing a transformation of what is considered the core’ is known. IT includes many companies. Without IT, no new products are designed. Additional information is available at Author. The production is optimized with the help of production planning and control systems (PPS), the distribution has a CRM 360 degree view of its customers. “IT is not only a must in many process-related tasks ‘, but a supercritical life component has become”, so the experience of Rebetzky, CIO of the Bizerba technology provider.

It was too short taken when analysts call the outsourcing market as the winner of the economic crisis. Many CIOs are skeptical they expect more with a strengthening of internal resources. It is only clear: with rapid savings projects this year priority. Users should also their suppliers in the mandatory take”, reported the computer newspaper. Rarely a problem to resolve, you forgive it by outsourcing to a third party. We should find better ways to change the internal structures and to increase efficiency”, confirmed Rebetzky. IT in the company must emancipate. The CIO have the duty and responsibility to take meaningful steps to outsourcing, but even more to provide the motivation for it, that IT significantly contributes to the core business. To IT to a business partner with expertise in the underlying business processes must be transformed”, called Rebetzky. If it had taken place, for example, the debate about outsourcing a server will be obsolete. This commodity is the duty for the IT infrastructure. Who masters his craft, no need to fear the competition with the third-party service providers. Who outsources its core business activities, loses the ability of the transformation. Because outsourcing can be only those services that do more to any competitive advantage” says the Bizerba Manager. It was fatal to think just because the error gestation of IT outsourcing. The software have reached a complexity that it is about to start a life of their own: you do much things unexpected events result in unexpected actions. It is much easier to pull an outsourcing partner to the responsibility, as the staff and colleagues. It cannibalizes but the status of IT in the company”, so the warning by cioforum Board Rebetzky.

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