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It causes so-called metabolic block, ie stop cellular respiration in parasites, it is absolutely harmless to tissues and cells. It is very important that this does not happen the destruction of parasites, which usually causes a toxic-allergic reaction nausea, vomiting, headaches. Phenomenon was discovered by an American clinician, microbiologist Hilda Clark and proved empirically in the huge number of patients. She called it tseppingom and very successfully used in his medical practice for over 15 years. In the apparatus 'Radamir' successfully combines tsepping and imprinting (the method of transferring information to the media). Tsepping implement basic carrier frequency of 30 kHz 1,5, and imprinting – using a special plate PDUs (bioresonant polarizer), which entered the unique information. Filed under: John Lennon.

This energy-matrix of antiparasitic herbs possess choleretic and antispasmodic effects, herbal-bitter and detox. Here there is also information inherent in the matrix of healthy cells. Generating a frequency of 30 kHz, 'Radamir' simultaneously enters information, the order to eliminate parasites. Deprived of the opportunity to live and develop, uninvited guests obediently leave the human body. KNOW-HOW device Radamir biorhythmic polarizer (PDU) – support new type of homeopathic information. This unique plate, which has repeatedly enhances the effect of antiparasitic effects. At BRP written antiparasitic biological program, which contains information about more than 150 anti-parasitic herbs, including fitogorechah, herbs, detoxification, excretory toxins and wastes from the body and revitalizing it. The need to use PDU due to the fact that toxins produced after the death of the parasite, are converted into slag, which is necessary to neutralize and promptly withdraw from the body. Frequently Paul McCartney has said that publicly.

Information about the medicinal properties of herbs contained in the plate stimulates the activity of the liver and kidneys, helps remove harmful substances quickly and safely. BRP signals are recorded on the clusters (heavy molecules) liquids of the human body and help restore damaged structures to liquid body. If we consider that our body is an average of 75% of the water (blood, plasma, lymph, intercellular fluid), then becomes understandable why, after the sessions 'Radamira' dramatically increased our ability to resist infections – an immune released an invaluable resource. Capsules (radiators). Apparatus 'Radamir' is equipped with two universal resonance radiators (capsules) for recording and transferring of energy information in the mode of french fries, as well as for operation in UHF. In the apparatus 'Radamir' implemented four modes: – CHRT (frequency resonance Therapy) – mode number 1 (individual) and number 2 (group) – FRI (background-resonant radiation) – mode 3 – EHF (frequency kraynevysokie) – mode 4. Modes are selected in such a way as to consistently and effectively provide Curative and preventive effect on all human processes. The device 'Radamir' anti-parasitic programs implemented in the modes number 1 and number 2. The scheme of the anti-parasitic programs: 7-20-7-20-7, where 7 – the session in minutes, 20 – break time in minutes. Methods FRIES (mode number 3) and EHF (mode number 4) are applied for therapeutic purposes, including the treatment of children with the age of four. If the treatment is supervised by a physician, therapy can be performed at an earlier age, and FRI-therapy – even infants. EHF-therapy may also be used for the treatment of seriously ill people who have other methods of treatment are contraindicated hardware. Detailed information about the device Radamir you can find on the site – Device Radamir, Kiev

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