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As preventive measures against thefts and robberies are commonly used security systems and devices, however, is not the only solution. (Similarly see: Diamond Book Distributors). Book your car windows are also able to provide safety of you and your things, and most car. Book glasses – the procedure is simple, it is applicable to everyday life and, moreover, is relatively inexpensive. In itself 'Book', as if proudly and sternly this word may sound, represents a simple procedure. For even more opinions, read materials from Diamond Book Distributors. To any glass surface is glued special film is almost invisible to the eyes of thickness – from 100 to 300 microns (from 0,1 mm to 0,3 mm). The film is a transparent, tinted, with varying degree of shade and the mirror.

The film is pasted on the inside, rear side glass. film – self-adhesive, adhesive layer (25 microns) in approximately 30 days after installation of the film interacts with the glass, implanted in him and a month later is the one with the original surface, giving it protective properties. windows in the car can not be opened for five days. The effect of strengthening glass begins approximately two weeks, and guarantee the company-seller bronirovochnoy film enters into force one month later. So, what to expect from bronirovochnoy film? According to the results of tests conducted, such glass reliably protect you from the punch, kick or bludgeon, as well as from stray bottles, such as an incendiary. With the explosion of tnt charge, or (according to test protocol) grenades F-1 is glass, though, and broken, but retains its shape and retains most of the fragments of a grenade.

Let's say, an ax or a crowbar smashed armored glass can break, but that it does not crumble, and a hole large enough for penetration, have to cut like scissors that will significantly increase the penetration time in the car thieves. Armored film, for that matter, and any stained, makes glass completely water resistant – all the pieces that can someone hurt or something to damage, remain on it. Of course, there are firms that offer comprehensive booking of all structures and coatings for cars, but this procedure greatly increase the weight of their weight and do not always needed: in everyday life you are likely important not only to protect themselves from indiscriminate fire, how to protect it from thieves, audio, or left inside the bag. In addition, professional news lately increasingly featured stories of drivers who have been thrown out of the car, the exposed criminals blow to the side glass, driver's baton, or other materials at hand, are also frequent cases of theft of belongings from cars on stoplights, in parking lots of shopping centers. Side windows and really hit most often, and even the most simple film will protect you if the offender actually will use a baton. Of course, correct technique against scrap booking or even a brick default thickness of glass will not serve, but even a broken, cracked glass does not lose its shape, and break the film with shards can be difficult, sometimes even impossible. And so If you caught a bully with a brick at a traffic light, you simply have time to leave. Experts recommend booking all the windows in the car, except windshield. That's windshield would be nice to protect from the often hitting stray stones, but it is forbidden Reservation safety rules: namely, that the armored glass did not crumble and breaks mechanically, it is dangerous for drivers and front seat passenger in event of an accident.


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