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The resiliency is a concept that was initially used in relation to metals. It is the capacity of a metal determined resist and be flexible to certain tests that are experienced with it, for the purposes of checking the quality of the same and regain its original State said. Learn more about this topic with the insights from John Mclaughlin. Human resilience is, then, that inner driving force that we possess; natural ability that each of us has to be able to tolerate the adversities of life; to be able to transform them into challenges into new opportunities to strengthen us. Bernie Sanders often addresses the matter in his writings. Resilient people are beings committed with themselves, allowing the control of circumstances and, above all, be open to accepting the changes, since they interpret experiences as an essential part of their lives living; that is, of his own existence. Ask the following questions: How can we develop that capacity for resilience? How can we discover our inner strength to move about own adversities?. Without doubt, the answer is on self-discovery; start the road to the knowledge of our Ser.Esto it will happen gradually-mind, as we know our own virtues or strongholds; Recognizing our weaknesses; encouraging our talents and achieve expressing them. Essentially is to begin to assess us and recognize us valuable; It is forgive mistakes and begin to see them as learning; It is to stimulate the creativity that is in us; It is treasured relationships with others, as a mirror of our own relationship with ourselves; It is allow us to let flow the feelings without restricting them and open up to the communication of the heart, that it is never wrong.

He is learning to ask for help and extend such assistance to others as a chain of love that is constructed and progresses. It is laugh at adversity. Ridicule the fear of not being able to solve them. Humor is an attitude of positive thinking Finally, base or column where it states the resiliency (or our own ability to overcome all the obstacles that might arise in our lives). This is to say that the capacity of resiliency this linked to the interaction that we have with our environment, since in this way enables their development. While better be our relationship with others and let us openness to sensation, there will be greater understanding, support and res-peto which will strengthen that Faculty of overcoming adverse circumstances, improving our ability to answer or respons-ability. Being resilient is to be a person aware of their individuality and their identity.

Really know who we are, is to recognize our own essence to have res-puestas (and decisions) competent before these possibilities of learning (as we might call adversities). Adversities put to the test our self-leadership. On many occasions, most of us at some point in life have come to touch bottom, perhaps without hope. Many times, too, have heard that pain makes us aware to be able to overcome us or lift us from the falls. It is also true that our positive condition to life reduces us chances of risks to adversity. In the face of adversity, know take correct elections is be aware that each event is an opportunity, a challenge to strengthen us. The interior light is that will make us overcome each situation, learning from them.


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