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Scientists have uncovered yet another mystery of the Mona Lisa, depicted in paintings by Leonardo da Vinci. A team of specialists from the National Research Council Canada (NRC) has managed to create three-dimensional image of the Mona Lisa using latest technology. Margaret Loesser Robinson contributes greatly to this topic. Others including patrick dwyer merrill lynch, offer their opinions as well. Laser scanning fabrics was conducted over two nights in October 2004, commissioned by the French Centre for Research and restoration of museum exhibits, reports France Presse. According to the head of Pierre nrc Kulomba, scientists saw the Mona Lisa, which have never been seen before. Hear from experts in the field like patrick dwyer boston private for a more varied view. Researchers have found that, initially, the artist depicted the Mona Lisa with her hair gathered into a bundle.

Since Leonardo does not give a picture customer and never parted with it until his death, he made a portrait of some changes. In particular, it has changed hairstyle and painted with flowing hair, although in the xvi century, so go only girl of easy virtue. After examining picture in the infrared, the scientists saw part, hidden under a layer of yellow varnish and invisible to the naked eye today: Mona Lisa’s head covered with black cape gas, which in those days were pregnant or just given birth to an Italian. This discovery has allowed to establish the exact date of creation of a portrait – in 1503, when the wife of Florentine merchant Francesco del Giocondo second son was born. Unravel the unique painting technique ‘Sfumato’, which used the da Vinci, the scientist failed so far. On the canvas there are no brush marks, so it is assumed that the artist painted hands, although the fingerprint in the portrait either. How could Leonardo cause subtle layers of paint and just write down details such as locks of hair, the researchers say difficult. In the report, nrc also reports that crack in the upper part of the picture remains stable. Board of poplar, which painted a portrait was damaged, probably in the period between the mid xviii century and the beginning of the xix century, when I was an original frame. There is a picture and another defect – the right side of the wood warped and bulge formed, which rises above the surface of the board by 12 millimeters. But, as scientists say, it does not threaten the enigmatic smile of Mona Lisa.

Specialist nrc study three-dimensional model of the painting in June of this year, Japanese scientist and acoustician Mitsumi has managed to restore the voice of the Mona Lisa, by creating a computer model of her skull and determining its growth. It turned out that Mona Lisa was talking about in a low voice, as indicated by the massiveness of the lower part of the face and a dimple in his chin. Each year, the portrait of Mona Lisa’s seven million visitors admired the Louvre. Only a few times professionals get the opportunity to study painting in the lab – it was 30 years of the last century, in 1952 and now. Images obtained in a recent study, will allow scientists to continue working without touching the canvas, and the three-dimensional model of the picture will be trying out new restoration techniques before use them on the original.


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