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An eye disorder can lead to a permanent condition, Strabismus is a situation that requires the immediate attention of professional medical care. Here are some facts about strabismus, including how the disease can be treated with success. Essentially, Strabismus is a condition in which the viewing direction line is not the same for both eyes. One eye does not point in the same direction as the other eye. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Martin O’Malley. The squint is an example of how strabismus can manifest itself. Another indication of the presence of strabismus is the emergence of what is commonly known as the eyes of the wall.

With the eyes of the wall, the eyes seem to be bulging and enlarged, which sometimes is accompanied with an eye that seems little will focus on a different direction than the other eye. It is important to note that in some cases of strabismus, an eye works efficiently, while the other eye will appear to operate independently. This is sometimes referred to a lazy eye. There is no cause known for strabismus. Modern science has not been able to draw the appearance of the condition to any type of genetic or hereditary factors, neither nor is there evidence that the condition is as a byproduct of the disease.

There is some evidence that when the extraocular muscles of the eye do not develop properly, or are compromised in some way, Strabismus is more likely to occur. People who suffer from strabismus often are more frequently squinting. Eventually, the person can find in order to perform the simplest Visual tasks, it is necessary that squinting. As the condition worsens, others begin to notice the frequent cross-eyed and often wonder if something is wrong. Anyone who starts to have the symptoms of strabismus should seek immediate attention. The lack in accordance with strabismus in their early stages may develop permanent depth perception, as well as a general loss of vision. Strabismus is more common in infants and young children, which in adults. However, It is possible to develop strabismus in the future. Strabismus in children must be treated immediately, so that the State does not have the possibility of doing damage to sight permanently. This can be achieved with a preschool age child, often putting a patch over the unaffected eye, forcing the weak eye muscles to strengthen and, finally, work with normality. However, there is the possibility that the cases advanced with children or adults requiring an operation of strabismus and thus the disease is under control.

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