Social Agent And Education

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Thus, it will act on the possible directions and it will reconstruct its society as social agent (PARAN, 2008, p.57). Robert Smith takes a slightly different approach. The learning of a LE contributes for the access to the one ' ' new mundo' ' to the measure that propitiates to the individual access to the […]


IBGE Education

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The author portraies the paradox of the globalization and the local initiatives, the more the world if globaliza, appears local experiences of development, therefore the quality of life in the community, in the cities is a local problem that must be thought of global form more the action must be local with the involved actors […]


Image State

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Select the image or the subject of dreams, which are you most interested in or attracted. It does not matter Is this a nice image or grisly or disgust. It is important that this image or the subject has attracted your attention. Selecting, focusing your attention on it, feel it, and then reincarnated in it. […]

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The Difference

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The poem should be a rhyme. There is no poetry rhyme – they are called "white." But usually when you write a greeting or slogan – you are waiting for a poem written by a simple size (most likely – pentameter) with a clear, euphonious rhymes. Rhyme can be banal (even "love-blood"), but not rough. […]

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National Institute

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On the other hand those exist that believe that the citizens with deafness must learn the language of signals and the official language of its country only in the modality written and not in the verbal one. The Brazilian educational context the same adopts passage in relation to the mentioned communicative boardings. The education of […]


Illustrating Childrens Fables

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Illustrating the fables of ia Krylov, "The Wolf and the Crane" (pencil, watercolor) In carrying out this task are fixed and skills obtained by children in drawing lessons from nature, stuffed animals and birds, the ability to use a figure on the horizon, vanishing point, the structure of constructive forms of color can be represented […]


New Education

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It is not enough to add subjects, authors, celebrations etc. A releitura of the proper vision of education is necessary. It is indispensable to develop a new to look at, a new optics, a different sensitivity. The monocultural character is very arraigado in the pertaining to school education, seeming to be inherent it. Thus, to […]


Exam Tricks

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In – the first, first try to memorize the material. Divide the number of tickets, the number of pre-examination days. For example, you have a figure 8. So read on the day, 8 issues. In preparation for the exam, well helps to plan a short question. You read and compose a brief background. On it […]

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Electronic Medium

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According to it, this new technocracy is not very different of the old technocracy of the machines to teach of Skinner, exactly that let us admit theoretical advances of stops there here. So that new technologies result in new practical pedagogical or vice versa we must consider its use based on new conceptions of knowledge, […]


Learning English

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To study any foreign language and if this first foreign language – much more, one of the most important – you need to find the right approach for themselves. This means that one must not only find the right learning materials, teacher or school, but need to develop a responsible organization and get rid of […]

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