The Human

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The force of the thought if concentrates in the solitude. In the solitude and silence the great things are generated. The power of the man comes of the silence of its Soul. Filed under: Michael Chabon. To work in something we need to have a definite mental product and an emotional impulse to light in […]


Holy Spirit

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Therefore, the new law is mainly the same grace of the Holy Spirit given to the faithful of Christ. "As the new law was given to Moses on tablets of stone written, the law of faith is written in the hearts of the faithful. "The core of the new law is in the grace of […]


The Many

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It does not want to be it under your rules, nor under rules human beings. Of the left a it wounds what you the right, you do not answer the injuries, you understand the limitations of the other, not only greet the ones greet that you, blesses the ones curse that you, you make the […]


Fields Rock

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The Word of God is an insistent invitation to the pecador to come It in the state where if it finds. ' ' twenty me, all the ones that stays tired and oppressed and I will alliviate to you. You take on you my yoke, and learn of me that I am tame and humble […]


Study On Women

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This work intends to present a research carried through between periods of 2009 and 2010 on the caboclo pajelana and the women pajs in the city of Soure, Island of Maraj/PA, that culminated in the work of conclusion of course in Sciences of the Religion for the UEPA, defended in December of 2010, under the […]


Dos Santos

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It corresponds to the type of religious heart, Characterizes the person who one day heard the Word and made a faith profession and for some time people of God was in the way it. But they do not have root in itself same, believe only for some time. Its faith is deposited in the church, […]



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First questioning, that behavior of Christ Pablo Imitated? Second, would be concernente a impecabilidade life as was of Christ? Third, or concernente would be a spotless life to carry through the workmanship of God as well as Christ carried through. It reflects with me the light of the Bible some reply for these questionings. In […]



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IT HINDERS WHAT YOU? Daily, in all the apelos places of the world are made the men and women of all the social classes so that they are repented of its sins and they receive the Jesus Christ as only saving enough e. The ones that makes the invitation know why they make it perfectly. […]


Benjamin Franklin

Posted by on February 24, 2017 in General |

I can feel God in the Wind, the perfume of the flower, the flight of the butterfly, an outburst of laughter, singing of the birds I have true admiration for its Workmanship. now, while I make this confession, a soft breeze enters softly for the window, blowing me, as to endorse my words and to […]


The Religion And Its Social Paper

Posted by on July 7, 2016 in General |

The religion, in contrast of what it is imagined, exerts a paper that goes beyond everything what we think and we observe. In a world where the advent of the technological revolution and the proper globalization, the religion and its action appear as a valve of escape in what it says respect when consoling and […]


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