Content Of A Scientific Work

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Describe, explain, predictions, figures, criticizing before beginning to write scientific texts, must be determined the exact topic. There are different approaches to the concretization of a topic. Usually a question is formulated by a larger theme on a detailed topic closed and it, which then becomes the subject of the scientific work. Make up two […]

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Material Testing

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Some experiments with materials are only possible thanks to wide range of instrumentation from laboratory technology. Different materials behave differently under extreme loads. Companies and consumer advocates rightly put on the material testing. Materials are visually convincing, but what really lies in the material cannot be seen with the naked eye or detected. A tension […]

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Positioning In The Vacuum

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Various applications in microscopy and optical metrology require positioning a sample or an optical element in the vacuum up to 10-11 hPa. PI miCos has specialized in precision positioning systems under special environmental conditions and offers tailored solutions from a broad technological spectrum for this. An approach positioner with vacuum stepping motors from simple linear […]

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Germany Ventilation

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Modern automotive headlamps contribute significantly to the look and feel of the vehicle. Click Michael Chabon to learn more. Modern automotive headlamps contribute significantly to the look and feel of the vehicle. Therefore, not only shape and design play an essential role, but also the clear cover, guaranteeing an optimally illuminated field of view. The […]

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Plasma Cutter

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How plasma cutter can save lives. Accidents can occur always and usually you can suddenly change a whole environment. So a whole mess can often arise where then the rescuers need to orient themselves, to be able to help. In such situations, is one of not only its own experience of the firefighters and the […]

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Tobias Hug

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What synergies in arise, shows the example of Attila holder. The tech-savvy social scientists among the management of the master online program integrated Gerontology”. On behalf of the Robert-Bosch hospital in Stuttgart he teaches patients between 60 and 80 years dealing with tablet computers. He also noted that the touch screen and intuitive control in […]

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Compressed Air In Use

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Optimized production process thanks to effective pneumatic tool from the home swepro support compressed air tools companies in a wide variety of applications within the industry. The industry tools to optimize industrial processes and provide more environmentally friendly and more economical production. In a current project, the Neuss companies a famous confectionery manufacturer helps improving […]

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Fiber Lasers – Laser Cutting Of Non-ferrous Metals

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“Fiber lasers allow new production possibilities in the laser cutting CCIS sheet metalforming GmbH Tru laser allows 5030 fiber with the innovative laser cutting machine” by Trump perfect cutting results for highest quality demands! With 20 years experience in the field of sheet metal working and currently 70 employees has become to a powerful supplier […]

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Clean Water Through Reverse Osmosis

Posted by on December 15, 2017 in General |

Potable water without bacteria and pollutants is our tap water often not as clean as we it would like. Bacteria and other pollutants contaminate drinking water. With a reverse osmosis unit efficiently clean your drinking water. Normal water filters are usually much too inefficient. The process of reverse osmosis removes up to 99% of the […]

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The Imagination

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But also “universally recognised, the overall knowledge” is one seeming truth (such as “Sun is the center of our solar system”, “1 + 1 = 2”). In principle, all of the people is said, and perceived, as well as all theses and theories are only apparent truths and lies. To the apparent truth & falsehood, […]

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