The 7 Mistakes Parents Destroying Entrepreneurship Education Your

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Every parent wants their children achieve their full potential to develop, to be happy and to exercise a positive impact on their community. Our secret desire is other than the heap, but stand out and excel as human beings. To achieve this it is essential that we as parents encourage their entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills. But how is it done? When making decisions on the education of our children, many parents feel uncertain, since no one teaches us to be parents. Are we doing something wrong? Are we making mistakes that will affect the lives of our children? More likely is that it is making mistakes, because all parents do.

However, as in all things in life, we can lessen the effect of these errors and even prevent some if we have an open mind and take the time to inform us about it. I will share with you seven of the most common mistakes parents make that destroy the entrepreneurial spirit of their children 1 .- Do not respect the individual While your child there are areas of basic knowledge that we all possess, we can not bring the individual interests of each child. When a child is forced to deny his passion for running to the heap, the message being transmitted is that individual interests are not important. 2 .- Do not encourage a love of learning One of the key characteristics of an entrepreneur is that they are people who want to learn. Many of them are independent learners throughout their lives. As parents we must not let our children lose the love of learning. We should inspire them to learn rather than requiring them to study.

3 .- Do not supply them with suitable mentors Every entrepreneur or successful leader had at least one qualified mentor in his life. A good teacher is not necessarily a good mentor, because the teacher will direct the course of 30 children, while a good mentor is always going to have a personal relationship with his ward. The best mentors in the life of a child are his parents, since they are the ones that have the greatest stake in the success of their children. 4 .- To be a bad eg We can not expect our children to have an entrepreneurial spirit if we do not have. Remember that you are the # 1 mentor in the lives of their children? If you are not ready to assume this role, along with their children learn! Read books or take courses together and discuss the matter. You need not be a successful entrepreneur, but they show their children that the topic interests you and that is important. 5 .- Lack of instruction in the area of finance are many errors that their children can avoid future if they receive a proper financial education at an early age. If you do not, nobody else will do, and that is not part of the curriculum of schools. 6 .- A rigid and inflexible education If you are too rigid and structured in their education, it will encourage entrepreneurial skills and leadership in their children. Going to raise people submissive They follow directions. 7 .- To adopt the ostrich mentality of many parents take the attitude of the ostrich when it comes to entrepreneurial education their children. Bury their heads in the sand and think that somehow learn everything you need to know in school. Unaware that they are denying responsibility lies solely in their hands, not the teachers.

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