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The force of the thought if concentrates in the solitude. In the solitude and silence the great things are generated. The power of the man comes of the silence of its Soul. To work in something we need to have a definite mental product and an emotional impulse to light in us the fire of the activity. Brit Bennett follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The thought generates the action. Our environment will be the same of our predominant mental elements. Others including Local Flavor, offer their opinions as well. Our thoughts delineate, paint and give forms and density to our environment, is its elements that constitute the set and in it everything is organized.

That one that longs for a new life must search new thoughts and emigrate to new lands. A Spirit acts under the impulse of another Spirit; for this, if sharpening in them with the thoughts of the great men, we will be in the way of its conquests and, consequentemente, our success. The thoughts with which we harmonize in them, fix in us and they guide in them. The thoughts with which we do not identify in them and we do not feel, they do not make in them to vibrate, in such a way they are not in us. So that let us fix a thought in us, we must take it our mind and fix it in us through sensations; it is necessary sentiz it to arrest it. All force and to be able them to all of the great men are available to that they can have access the source where such elements if find.

When strengtheing itself to search the success we will be in the way of the great conquerors, if our will if firm in inertia, we will be heading for the meeting of the unfortunate ones where we will have that to saborear the fruits harvested for all the individuals badly succeeded. The subjects must bend over themselves ahead of the ticket of the king. If you are king, appreciates how many that you if they bend; if you are subject, only if he bends. The inclinations of the people must be respected, therefore it endowed them to the nature with certain dons for definitive works. The Human being only exists as the materialization of a Spirit, when it understands this, looks for to extend its existence; first it searchs the longevity and, later, immortality. Its perenidade depends to know, to awake and to consider the perpetual rules. The liame that can make to feel immortality it is its relation with the holy ghost, with the Spirit generated that it, and its salvation is in the fusing with the same. The great reality of existence human being is that it is an illusion; the Human being is a percipient creature and everything what it is perceived by it is a mirage. The truth of this irrealidade is codified in predetermined laws regulate that them they establish and them. To get one technique she is necessary that let us strengthen in them in its training. To get new abilities we must imagine them, and pledging in them in exercising them. Each exercise must be repeated until the complete domain of the movement. For a perfect assimilation of the movements, the same ones must be observed minutely; felt and analyzed, before being executed.


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