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The human rights of all Chileans affected by this earthquake were violated, but not because of the nature, she did theirs, which is yours to do, I mean the dark side of the souls of thousands of Chileans, loot, raiding, stealing to the more beaten, intimidating to the neighbor stripped his soul dressed in designer clothes, showing a rot that we never believed the Chileans could be incubated in the soul of this nation. The President is late, to act, to confront their ghosts of the past and not being able to overcome their aversion to the military, even to cry, I don’t know, I am not who to judge it, but was not at the height. I can’t imagine with that pain had signed the Decree of State of constitutional exception which granted him power to Chilean army generals to go to the area of the disaster, which I insist, is not a geographic part of Chile, but it is the soul of all of us. They sent 100 men professional, not conscripted, who arrived the next day (3rd day), by who? Aversion, fear of repressive actions? 100 men for the second most populous city in Chile? Vasilli Carrillo ex member of the Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front, which took arms against Pinochet said yesterday late this action of sending the military to Lota and Coronel, two communes devastated the region VIII. The mayors without leadership, unable to throw to shoulder responsibilities, as they acted not by mobilizing the Army (there are in the region at least 3 regiments), because it was obvious that looting, which generated that conception would be desabastecida came. Chile this fractured, not only its bark but his soul, which is where we see represented the being of each person.

Hopefully that it has not broken his spirit, which is where the hopes of physical reconstruction, the reconstruction moral of our society, selfish, consumerist, classist, unequally, upstart are put, is a task more complex. Hopefully there is a World Bank or IMF which we could give large loans of humanity, of solidarity with our neighbor, of humility against the error, does not look more guilty where the thread is cut, but recognize that all those who were part of the row are guilty. We have hopes in a country better to which Chile is today, back to the roots of our social solidarity, austere, good grandparents. (Not to be confused with Author!). Such time will be the untamed nature that shakes us our land, commissioned to shake our soul and purge our spirits of both in both. Hopefully that the chains of solidarity that are assembling in Chile are permanent, that everytime we look at faces, with our friends, neighbors, in an elevator we salute, forgive us if we have offended us, we worry as this other, we give more smiles, more in short hand grips us more human. Hopefully we change, hopefully for the better, hopefully more remember our history and forget that we just write and show to the world, hopefully the world forgive us and look at us an example of what happens in societies where consumerism, individualism, the loss of the sense of wonder and particularly the loss of the sense of humanity take us to the destruction of the society, to the reverse, involution, the triumph of individualism on the social being. . Original author and source of the article.

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