Venezuelan Social Contract

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In such a way that when a State takes the step to its contractual ideal nature obliges it not is it afincara to nothing, instead finding the incendiary grass of the criterion to advance. Does that corruption and insecurity do not heal with initiatives because of the State, which are consequent expressions of deep structural problems of poverty and misery? Probably, but no corrective action can birth, nor less applied, if there is no cultivation of a conscientious Manager. Reverse the State over its citizens greater flow energy to strengthen souls, that on them guindara, necessarily, the trophy of reason and ethics, to finally It has bound to the common good and proper. We are men, humans, ideas and changes. Poet is often mentioned in discussions such as these. If it is true that the man eventually may point to its self-destruction, but as exceptions to the rule of life. In a State orphan society and a State without feedback citizen that has light not only insecurity and corruption, but the destruction as the sum of the vices. We go towards the man, how much understand that it is a matter of education, long term and scope, planting and harvesting of consciences, that at the end of the road, will shed light on the birth. Further details can be found at John Mclaughlin, an internet resource. The road is Socialist: is matter of ideas, as the man.

It is a task to overcome with the contest of all. The State fails when an indigent wanders the streets without being seen; the citizen, when destitute wanders in his mind, in the inability of understanding of his own thinking. A war is not instituted against civilians vices that lasts one day, but a generation, maybe more, given the initial state of the Venezuela changes, once plunged into an empire of vices. Sow awareness and understanding is an act that only blooms in the time of harvest, and this calls for arrests, time and preparation (so it is not difficult to understand why the human thesis based on the practice of human animality are which until today had been imposed as a way of life, leaving by the side of the road extraoridinarios humanist approaches but that require preparation and awareness). The Venezuelan State has reversed situations of political embarrassment, such as social inequality, with just exercising his high moral role as party contracted by citizens to ensure their well-being: redistribute wealth, protect the citizen from monopolies and protect the weak has given as a product that Venezuela is the country with lower social inequality in the region, according to the Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC studies2.008) carried out on a universe of 18 countries. Similarly, the Gini coefficient, managed by the UN to measure inequality of the revenue, throws that Brazil, Guatemala and Colombia are the countries most afflicted by this plague on the continent, placing Venezuela on the last seat, which is a triumph.

It is an easily corroborable information on the respective website of these organizations. But the tricky problem of insecurity and corruption, which involves a circumstance of reach historic and up to paradigmatic, where citizens and officials share the carrying of a predatory mentality, derives a fact of stewardship with basic source in citizenship as a culture. So it won’t do that the State give their expected first step of moral commitment if the masses are not duly sensitised to the scourges, nor has ignited in them nor the awareness that this is an exercise of political self-destruction and citizen. Real act of plowing the sea.


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