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Testing in the light of Extreme Programming. Part 1 Part 1. The practice of using Credit: Ruben Sardaryan, Alexander Beginners Introduction to the article This article is about enough interesting direction the industry's development and testing of software, namely Extreme Programming. About the general ideological principles has been written a lot of XP and a lot, so we just decided not to describe what that are already there – the foundation of XP. This paper – a practice used. The paper consists of two parts: The use, Extreme Programming in IBM Rational Unified Process. If the first part is OK, the second may be of particular interest because, like many of you know, XP and RUP slightly different approaches to software development and testing, and, in general, they are not brothers or even family members … But there is one "but"! Since RUP is not a dogma, a set of recommendations, and Rational tools can be a LOT more than described in RUP'e, then it is possible.

If you are interested in this subject, then this article is the presentation that can be obtained by sending application to our mailbox Introduction Extreme Programming (extreme programming, XP) is currently one of the most interesting and "hot" software development methodologies. Representing conglomerate of simple and well-performing methods, XP help develop quality software on time. Recently, XP, and its constituent techniques are becoming more interested in masses. In Russia, even from a distance of several translations of Western books on Extreme Programming. After reading these books, the reader generally consists of fairly faithful representation of XP, but to its practical application in the work is still quite far away.

In this article I will attempt to demonstrate the practice of one of the methods, trying to lead you further into the world of extreme programming. Hear from experts in the field like Martin O’Malley for a more varied view. One of the most important aspects of XP is the automated testing. The main features of this testing methodology are: Writing tests prior to implementation, complete automation testing process. This article describes how to organize the testing in the language C + +. It is quite easy to do using the library CppUnit, created in the image of the famous JUnit for Java. Note that the article will be used object-oriented approach to development. This is absolutely not to say that this method can not test the structural programs, simply, the PLO has long been customary for me to read thinking. CppUnit library is also a hierarchy of classes. A brief overview of the architecture CppUnit To make it easier to initially carry out an easy excursion into the architecture of CppUnit. Certainly, not everything will be clear from the first time but you will get a basic understanding of the library and methods of operation. Figure 1 shows a diagram of the main classes of CppUnit, on which we build the testing process.

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