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And I had already been ashamed that giddy from his sight, and if he will call, go, go, and do not turn around never. Read more from novelist to gain a more clear picture of the situation. If I were to someone from the good old friends blurted out such nonsense, but no one would have believed that I was ready to throw his neck. I myself do not believe it. Just pulling tension in the abdomen reminded about it all the more and less and less I thought of her husband. At that time we lived in different cities, the costs of operation. Perhaps if her husband was there, I would never dare to accept its proposal to hold together in the evening.

Only I know how long awaited his call and the question 'Are you free tonight? ". Even then I was ready to scream for him, I always always free. That's soul flew to heaven It took some time, I thought 'oh God, I am married, he is married with a child. " God alone knows how every word my heart was cut with a blunt knife. Even then I knew that I loved, but even himself afraid to admit it. And when recognize, understand one thing, I do not I will destroy our families, that they are not perfect, but I have no right to decide for others.

I offered to leave, one I know how to give me every word, but believe me a very strong woman, so I left without turning around, though can not turn around and I, because the tears lay a eye. I do not know who he is more afraid of losing me – a friend, sexual partner, girlfriend, I still could not make out any of them, he appreciates me more. I really do not remember How long will my composure melting, but not for long, we met again, and then I understood. that the fight can not, and he would not, probably did not realize how hard we have not lowering her eyes to fight for the right to be together I do not want to talk about the sad, hard, do not hesitate to wipe the spittle off your back, listen to what you are nasty and mean, sometimes I even believed in what I have this. But this is while I loved the eye could not look that would get another dose of pain medication, and forget about everything. Soon we will have a baby When my daughter grows up, she can be proud that my father and my mother so dearly loved each other that they forgot about caution and one of the passionate, breathtaking nights gave her life. I do not know the words kaimi able to express their feelings, and afraid to talk about it because I love. I do not know whether it is a sin, but if you sin, then in the hereafter for him, I am ready to pay the full I do not read the Bible, but they say there written, 'where love is, there is truth', God knows, I just wanted to be happy.

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