Brief Summary Of Lighting

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By the stone fireplace to the modern interior lighting of the bonfire to the designer lamp: The man discovered the fire. As a result, three major cultural achievements were possible. With fire is possible to Cook, to heat and light. The latter two points offered the people of early protection against darkness and wild animals. Before the light from the fire was to design lighting, there was still some intermediate steps on the evolution. The local fire in the stove or hearth had to be made portable. Torches represent the solution to this problem. A small and easily defined invention contributed the next big step in the evolution of lighting: the wick.

Only with the short cord piece things such as oil lamps and candles are possible. The production of these two items deteriorated in the middle ages in its own industry. Especially since many candles were used in the Church, beeswax was a much sought-after commodity. Candle founder and Lichtzieher were their own titles at that time. Through various forms of The light in electrical form was subsequently developed gas lighting methods, such as carbide lamps for the construction of the mine and the mine being. A key reason it played safety. For public lighting, such as for example street lights, gas lines had to be relocated en masse.

This in turn were usually moved under the road. A simple traffic accident, these gas pipelines could be damaged and were potential sources of fire. The inventor Thomas Edison should finally make the night the day. He invented the light bulb. The triumph of the electric light bulb was secured. Or actually not quite, because to ensure the energy supply until huge power grids had to be made. It lasted in Germany, for example, until the mid-1940s, until the entire population with all households on the power grid could be connected. The illumination of the commercial subject matter, to the furnishing accessory is changed in the course of time. The lamp should not only light, but look too good. The this as an example are green umbrella banker lamps, which can be found in many films of the 1950s, shine like the Tiffany from the 1920s. Nowadays, every larger furniture business has an own, usually quite extensive lighting Department.


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