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Applying to the person, namely to get out in front of all those adverse situations presented to us, does not wane, stuck, the opposite Stoke our flame, give way to our potential that manifests all those actions that encourage us to move forward. In the case of management, this to adversity that may be made available, to the failures of some plans, strategies that have affected the development of the company under their charge, must get out in order to give way to new plans, functions that ensure success, always foster a highly positive organizational climate in favour of all. It is very valid when he is indicated, that as human beings, despite living in different conditions every being, at least at some point in life the problems have made us to touch bottom. In fact, sometimes is said to be hitting bottom in order to become aware and get up. Since that if we stop overwhelmed by such a situation, our lives would lose all driving and sense.

The truth that each fall, mistakes you learn and are given the opportunity of generating changes that we promote and enable us to grow as people. How to achieve a resiliency favouring us in our growth in the roles that we play? Since then need to know us, determine where are our weaknesses, strengths, how we handle our assertiveness, self-esteem, perception and vision of life, our conduct, behavior, how we face the facts, how are our responsibility, how much we identify with our authentic values, ethics, what so attentive we are in all things where we act as we interrelacionamos us. Gino Raffo a. and Carla Rammsy bring us some points that internally strengthen the personal power: social support from within and outside the family educational climate emotionally positive, open, counselor and governed by rules. Social patterns that stimulate a constructive Behaviorism. Balance of social responsibilities and demand for results.

Cognitive skills. Behavioral traits that favor an effective attitude. Experience of self-efficacy, confidence in oneself and positive concept of self. Positive action against stress inductors. To read more click here: Tim Cawley. Exercise of direction, structure and meaning in the own growth. * Suggested bibliography. -Barudy, j. & Marquebreucq, A.P. (2005) daughters and mothers resilient. Childhood trauma in extreme situations: gender violence, war, genocide, persecution and exile. Madrid. Gedisa, 2006 – Cyrulnik, B. (2001) ugly ducklings.Resilience: life is not determined by an unhappy childhood. Madrid.Gedisa, 2002 – Cyrulnik, B. (2002) the murmur of the ghosts. Madrid. Gedisa, 2003 – Cyrulnik, B., Manciaux, M., and others (2003) the realism of hope. Madrid. Gedisa, 2004 – Manciaux, M. (2001) the resilience: resist and redo it. Madrid.Gedisa, 2003 Original author and source of the article.

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