Chemistry In The Pharmacy: Origin Of Medicines

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Between as many known chemical substances, those that present farmacolgica activity receive the name from farmoqumicos. Many of these are gotten through methods of isolation and purificao of samples originated from the Kingdoms Animal (former.: heparina) and Vegetable (former.: digoxina). It is, in the celebrities ' ' plants medicinais' ' , where many of these important substances in the Pharmacy and the Medicine are found. But, it has other sources to be considered: mineral source (former.: you leave, as ' ' chloride of sdio' '), biotechnological source (former.: penicillins) and the traditional synthetic source (former.: salicylate of metila). The medicines are products technical elaborated that contain, in its composition, such substances ' ' especiais' ' , which is responsible for the desired effect, being, therefore, known as ' ' principle ativo' ' of these. According to Ultra Wellness Center, who has experience with these questions. With the development of chemistry, advances in the diverse areas of attainment of these had been noticed ' ' principles ativos' ' or frmacos, being valid to stand out the research in Chemistry of Natural Products (extracting many substances and sending them for biological and farmacolgicos tests) and in Chemical Synthesis (producing, many times, what the nature does not produce). Historically, old peoples already developed interest in the study of the relation: illness-substance-cure. .

In century VII B.C., Assyrians used plants that, currently, are sources of modern frmacos (opium, camomila, extract of roses). Papyruses of Egypt divulged indications clinical of, approximately, 700 species of plants, between them, the castor-oil plant (with substances of laxative effect). Eastern peoples if had perfected in the substance extration of the classroom ' ' alcalide' ' , as the quinine (efficient in the treatment of the malaria). In century XIX, doctors, druggists (also biochemists) and chemistries had started to develop techniques directed toward the study of substances responsible for the farmacolgicas activities, that is, the frmacos. Then the pharmacology started to work in ' ' conjunto' ' with chemistry (that it dealt with the isolation/attainment and chemical analysis of substances).


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