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Choosing Office Coffee is subject to certain principles of life style, among them: enjoy a cup of good coffee which is also invigorating. Eating chaldovogo coffee and coffee capsules cartridge is part of this trend. Coffee capsules is an individual, tightly packed container of coffee through which preserves freshness, flavor and taste. The obvious advantage of coffee pods – ability to maintain consistent quality of every cup of coffee. As a result, the cost of one cup is much less than that in any good coffee shop in Moscow. How to organize. How to organize the use of coffee at work? The most convenient option – device ‘kofisa’, that is a small cafeteria in the office.

Ideally, there is established not only the coffee point, but the mini bar, and Vending machines with snacks. Can be equipped with a zone on the basis of a la cafe high table, chairs and upholstered furniture where you can smoke a cigarette, drink a cup of coffee and relax a few minutes. This is a space where you can not only relax but also to hold an informal meeting with the client over a cup coffee. Specialists emphasize the advantages of capsule technology for office environment: the espresso machine is compact and very easy to use, requires no special skills for handling, no need to clean the waste container. K the same capsule technology allows everyone to choose a favorite flavor of coffee: Arabica, Robusta, a combination of varieties, without the caffeine.

Espresso is prepared for 20 seconds, and if you want a cappuccino, a special attachment can easily beat milk for him. the same applies to the number of machines in the office, experts recommend that adhere to the following formula: one capsule coffee for 5-7 people, the best to the department or a room, reducing the time of ‘going for coffee and increases the working time. Certain maker suggests a different coffee consumption: 100 cups per month, 200, 300, 400 and more. The volume of coffee consumption depends features and most coffee machines. A selection of coffees dependent volume additional suggestions: firm ware, including disposable, sugar and various accessories with symbolism. Experts say that the taste and quality of coffee depends largely not on the type of coffee machines, but on the quality of product and technological “advancement” maker. Thanks to modern technology and “smart” coffee of any secretary or manager to quickly and easily prepare themselves and the client – espresso, Americano, cappuccino – and feels a professional barista, they say. Conclusion. On the ability of coffee to influence the state of mind and the body was well aware of those who guessed prepare a drink from the fruit of the coffee tree. Bracing drink even fell out of favor – in 1511 the eastern lawmakers officially cursed coffee, and the Ottoman Empire were closed all stores. It was only much later, people found out that caffeine – namely, it affects the well-being – fairly harmless substance, provided a moderate use. Coffee really helps combat sleepiness, just most people do not know how to properly drink. A regime of coffee is simple – it is best not accept “loading dose” in the form of two cups simultaneously, and stretch them on all day, that is to drink coffee several times a day gradually.


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