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Greetings dear readers. The title of this article mainly reflects a dilemma that really in my country, the Dominican Republic, is resolved and now forms part of the commercial culture of supermarkets. Both the chains of supermarkets and the independent Supermercardos and modality already have their well-defined policies and I don’t see that there is any doubt in this regard: the big supermarkets don’t rent or rented spaces at the manufacturers and independent supermarkets if they do, point, that is so. Under most conditions Robert Smith would agree. However, I think that it is a good topic to discuss and that is why I’m writing these lines by what I hope will also all visitors leave their comments on the subject and as well provide ideas and impressions. The idea of renting spaces in supermarkets, believe that it began several years here as an initiative of animation from some manufacturers. With time and new concepts of implantation of the point of sales and management of Merchandising, supermarkets (mainly large) left for renting their headers (of indefinitely) or Gondola heads based on the concept of maximizing the effect of animation of your establishment using these headers along with other spaces in the store such as the entrance area and main corridors.

Separate supermarkets on the other hand, continued indefinitely renting these spaces. When I say indefinitely I mean makes a contract renewable for the space of one year, if the manufacturer wants to continue with that space is re-negocia or giving continuity to the already signed contract. The supermarket chains renting spaces indefinitely, but for short periods of a month or 15 days provided that the manufacturer place in the said not space an attractive offer for the customers of the establishment.Many times these spaces are jointly negotiated with the publication of the special offer. Meanwhile separate supermarkets although sometimes they have general rules for the placement of products in these spaces, they allow the manufacturer run your planogram without opposing any objections.

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