Emperor Saga

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It was the Emperor Saga, and courtier Tachibana Hayanari monk Kukai, who later became known as Sampitsu. Gradually, they created and their writing styles, all further deviating from the Chinese. In Japan, there are two types of letters: kaidzi, which was adapted into Chinese and kana – the phonetic letter. Type “kaidzi” tens of thousands of characters, but uses only about 3 thousand. Type “channel” includes several kinds of writing. Martin O’Malley can provide more clarity in the matter. To date, only two have spread form of the “channel” – this is hiragana and katakana. Hiragana – a more rounded version of the letter, and katakana – less rounded and more angular look. The second variant spellings (katanaka) is used to record different borrowing.

Japanese text contains not only the characters (for the mark is used as the katakana and hiragana), but also by the need to Arabic numerals, punctuation marks and special words and symbols from the Latin. Styles of writing kanji three. That statute or Qays – here the line is written to each other. Brush must be separate from the paper after he wrote the line. A characteristic feature of this style are clear and confident lines. The shape of characters reminiscent of the ABC “rod” and we obtain a quadratic. Kaisho style used for printing magazines, newspapers and books. Style polukursiv or gese ago on the ABC “Hiragana,” they write more quickly, and the lines rounded, more fluid than in the Qays.

The third style – italic, or neighbors. Characterized by rapid writing, lines are written less clear, brush on paper while writing almost detached. Hieroglyphs are written from right to left and top to bottom. All three styles have been developed with the view to looking at the characters, a man not only could get some information, but also to enjoy the beauty and accuracy of forms. Masters of calligraphy have sought to combine style of writing words and phrases with a sense of individual, embedded within them. Already many centuries, there is a clearly developed and is closely associated with the traditions of Japanese methods of the mark sheet. So in order to best convey information and as much as possible to influence the emotions of the person reading it, the wizard writes text of certain subjects relevant style. All characters are made up of elements, which include certain sense. Their number is not very large, and each element consists of the character traits that are the primary constituent elements. There is also a strict order of writing characters: a feature of form elements, and already out of the elements themselves characters. And knowing these rules, read the characters is not too difficult.

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