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It may be the launch of a new product or service. A different way in the marketing or distribution. A merger or Alliance. This is the first filter that you must pass to the attention of the journalist. Not you submit information that is not relevant.

If the note has a clear interest topic, include most things that have no importance may confuse the journalist. No garnish s unnecessary communication. The reader must capture in a direct and unequivocal message. It identifies the recipient. Think about the type of media to which you are sending the information and attempts to contact your target audience from the first moment. This way you do your interest to make them reach the final of the communique. The important thing is the news. Many writers such as Ultra Wellness Center offer more in-depth analysis.

He thinks that the new product is novelty and not the company that created it. A twist that makes him very unique or different from the competition. Have empathy with the target audience of the medium. Think why you are interested in the information that you show and how you would like to see it presented. Thus supports the journalist to do their job. Looking for headlines. If your first paragraph is too long, you can achieve that journalists do not pass this and even though the rest of the note is interesting to them they will never know. Try to catch the reader with an attractive title and if necessary with a complementary sub-heading in no more than 10 or 12 words, to stimulate the reading until the end. It uses clear language and avoid adjectives. Unless the information is routed to experts, do not abuse the technical terms. Journalists receive much information from countless sources continuously, but that doesn’t make them experts in everything. You must expose contrasting and verifiable facts. If you talk about the qualities of a product, it attempts to establish quantifiable parameters for more credibility. In which aspects can the reader get a direct benefit. How to get a comparative advantage, will help you make decisions or will make things easier for you. Leave the information of contact that is possible. Name, address, phone, fax, email and website address. It may be that journalists want to know more about the subject of the note to complete your information or to give you one approach more oriented with what they want. Helps journalists to do their job. I have already mentioned above, but is not over emphasize it: the first filter that must pass a communication before being disseminated is an information worker. The journalist will thank you to you to provide the things. If you do, you will have less chance of achieving your goal. In the case of the press release is worth saying if the good is short, then it is twice as good. This communication tool should be concise, clear and direct. If we maintain a certain regularity and got used to the media that we are a reliable source of information, we can not only be considered, but in many cases consulted. The journalist always looking for different extractions and reliable sources. Thus nourishes who you trust, who must not check the data or the provided update.

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