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The esquecimento is then the incapacity to hold back, to remember or to recognize an information. 5 Learning Learning it is a relatively steady modification of the behavior or the knowledge, that results of the exercise, experience, trainings or study. It is a process that, involving cognitivos, motivacionais and emotional processes, manifest in behaviors. However, she is necessary to notice that nor all the behavior changes result of the learning. Some behaviors are modernized of course without learning necessity because they are part of the genetic matrix.

The learning is a cognitivo process that in humaniza, being essential in the adaptation to the way. According to Fields (1986, p.30) ' ' The learning can be defined as a systematic modification of the behavior, for effect of the practical one or the experience, with a direction of gradual adaptation or ajustamento.' ' ' ' The learning is a capacity that pomes in share quotidianamente to give to suitable answers to the requests and challenges that if place in them due to our interaces with meio' ' (Jorge Young chicken, 1999). The memory serves stops to learn, then we must have in account the learning concept, since ' ' The learning and the memory closely are related, ' ' (Rosary, 2004). We can say that the learning is the manifest change of behavior as resulted of practical or experienciais influences. Moreover, it is also the process by means of which we interiorizamos an intellectual series of behaviors and capacities.

She is due to capacity to learn, that the human being obtains one better adaptation to the way encircles that it. Most of the learning that the man acquires is consequncia of the imitation of other people. The memory intervines decisively in the imitation process, since it allows the retention of what she is observed for posterior reproduction. We learn of conscientious form and with the objective of that the learnings can serve in them in the future.


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