Lake Baikal

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Heir to a glorious kind Borzhiginov known around Lake Baikal traditions of valor and honor, now in position of prey in their relative Targultaya. Father Temuchin poisoned by Tatars Targultay took away all the cattle and the family drove from their homes. Targultay fear of retaliation younger rival, still ponders how to deal with it – make a slave or killed. But Temujin will not wait for that decision. He stuns the heavy wooden shoe guard and makes a daring escape. Followed by long months of wandering, half-starved, and then at the office Khan's tribe Kerait.

The boy dialed life experience, quickly take over the skills of the best warriors and become the leader of his own squad. Courage and determination, he does not hold, followed by the victory of one over the other. Appears ability and skill of a strategist, and with them the plans for future military campaigns. In the defeated enemies and vassals now whole tribes and tribal alliances. And through the years and decades – whole countries and peoples. A new mysterious power of association and organization asserts itself, leaving the Baikal region and beginning an irresistible spread throughout Asia. Within less than half a century is a huge civilizational shift. Fragmented and constantly warring tribes, populate its vast expanses, become united by iron discipline and common law elements of the mechanism of a vast empire, sprawling on an area of twenty-eight million square kilometers. And the whole world, where in fear and trembling, and where in reverence and respect, says the name of its creator. Genghis Khan – the title of this throne was Temujin in autumn 1206, when the prairie know gathered for a special festive gathering, a large Kurultai, and decided to designate him as the great Kagan, Khan, Khans.

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