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But any one can be evanglico In the same statement, the news article says that, exactly being anticatholics, the evanglicos use spaces ' ' catlicos' ' also makes things that they make: to launch candidate to a position politician. Then, he distinguishes what them in this hour? The speech, the practical one, or both? Or none and none of the two things? Having the statement, as addressee, a majority public catholic, is possible to make this last reading, of that ' ' evanglico' ' catholics, in the practical one, is not so different thus. Although this reading contradicts previous affirmations. *-A only social change that the evanglicas called churches provoke, is in same itself. When its integrant ones start to be part of the social elite, leave of to be estigmatizados as the too much groups are estigmatizados that had been the edges of the power. To be ' ' evanglico' ' now it is chic. A time that the hegemonic social classrooms if had become evanglicas or that many evanglicos had started to be part of it, to want to promote a change social, would be a madness. ' ' To the measure that grows, it goes if becoming more similar to the society that recebe' ' (Freston, 1994:14).

12 – ' ' In all the variants of the protestantismo, are mission of the fidiciary office and its shepherd to spread the word Mr. Into summary, it must convert its fellow creature. In the majority of the cases, how much worse the ethical resume of this fellow creature, greater will be the saving-lo&#039 effort for; '. p.92 * – the evanglico is somebody with a mission. It exists to carry through something.

This something is if to reproduce. This implies in provoking the adhesion of other people for its faith. It is a propagandist one; an Cruzado in mission.

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