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You must continue to sponsor people personally for your downline or for a few years (3-5) before relax, enjoying your residual income of 6 or more digits. Of course you start with 2 and aid to get 2, you should always help your network, but your work does not end after your first two got a 2. Chances are that if after that you trust you or you relax, your network will stay on hold. Statistically 97% of people who enter a multilevel, they leave before their third month. Always keep in mind Parette Act on 80/20, ie 80% of the work they will do 20% of your distributors and is usually closer to 90/10.

That’s why you should never let your success or your business in the hands of others. You have to do things yourself and duplicate what you do with your network, of course, when you can, in most cases people are not willing to learn and give up not seeing quick results. 3. In this business, not about selling, it is about sharing and recommending.

Of course it is sold in this and profitable business all the world will always be in between a sale. If you’re not willing to sell, neither this nor any other business is for you. The difference between when you share something with your family and friends (as I teach the classical network marketing training) or recommend the products of your company, as you do with a good restaurant or a movie just for the sharing or recommend, is that there is no financial reward for you at do so. This legitimizes your recommendation or whatever they share. By the time you receive a financial benefit if they decide to use or consume your products, the following happens: your recommendation is not objective or impartial and has no credibility to them and you become: SELLER. So you must learn to sell and promote your multilevel marketing business effectively, and especially to whom are you going to sell? Well in advance who has an interest in your product. Your family and friends have no obligation to buy your product, let alone to become distributors in your company. So if you just enter the network marketing or think do not get discouraged or give up. Improves communication you have, looking for a good leader or coach, one who is willing to teach you how to grow your business, learn how to sell, who to sell and where to sell it. As a simpler way, become a leader tun. So if you operate your accountless than you realize.


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