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The research and development, competition, seminars, exhibitions fairs, customers and each employee of the company is a potential supplier of new ideas generating inputs to the process of innovation. Within the business processes of an enterprise must consider the process of innovation that extends from the generation of ideas, through the feasibility test to marketing the product or service. Connect with other leaders such as Dr. Mark Hymen here. The ideas can relate to develop or improve a new product, service or process.

Innovation requires awareness and balance to carry the ideas, imaginary or fictitious field, the field of the embodiments and implementations. Jose Fernandez says the relevance of the subject tells us that the talk about competition, and we mean not only the companies that threaten to reduce our presence in the market, but also anything that can dissuade our clients, including For example, new habits, values and emerging trends in society. Obviously, in times of crisis, we compete with everything that the customer intended primarily for their ability purchase: if you can manage without our products / services, our business will suffer and we will provide solutions for survival. Even with the economic situation improved finish, we will take good care of our competitiveness in the global market.

Porter and others have given us valuable input on competitive strategy and differentiation, but we all need to reflect further on this issue on our business, pay attention to the environment and anticipating the future, to nurture and maintain our strength. And speaking of innovation, we can not think only in technological renovation and incorporation of best practices, but also and perhaps above all, get into the main ideas of knowledge in each field (technical or business management), and generate new , valuable, attractive, yet offers no solutions for customers-those who, perhaps unknowingly awaited them. We also have here timely reflections of many authors talked about the monopoly temporarily, as also very instructive case of new generation impact.

Indeed, in the era of knowledge and lifelong learning, we must learn what they already know others, but also what one knows yet, we have to investigate, explore, discover, design … that is, innovating, attracting market attention. No innovation in sufficient measure, not always the right decision with the news we generate, sometimes, lack attuned to the needs and expectations of customers, if not failed because their self-identification. Sometimes we can not identify the real competition emerging, and make decisions may be unsuccessful. The products and services offered. Functional processes. Relationships with customers. The management of innovation itself. The system of quality assurance. The system of management or business management. Production techniques. The management of information and knowledge. Organizational culture.

The use of human capital conclusions can not neglect the potential that each one brings and leads to innovation, but of course, consider all factors that favor it when it occurs, the appropriate actions, plans that promote the objectives, results that flow from it. Being careful management on modern corporate behavior and participation in established markets, may find the weaknesses of certain competitors and enable innovation so that it is a competitive advantage that will help towards definite plans regarding the conquest and retention of markets achieved. Not be overlooked that innovation: Enhancing the relationship with the client to introduce new benefits. Allows new sales pitch. Increase the level of sales pressure on the rate of product replacement. Improve corporate image by presenting it as active and modern. Establish barriers to enter the competition.

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