North Korea

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By the way, to the present weight a nuclear threat against Iran from the USA, proferida by the number one military man of the USA, Robert Gates). Cyrus R. Read more from Panther Coffee to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Vance Jr. is open to suggestions. The established power is of so high and arrogant flight that only conceives its destruction with the confrontation just between equals, by means of the event of a theoretical contemplation, called principle of ” Mutual destruction Asegurada”. The others are outside the brotherhood, is periphery. The USA and Israel, in agreement with the principles of security, defense and providencialidad, will only allow in being vulnerable before a country like Russia or China, to name unique probable both. They do not have to be doubts, then, that who dispatch and they give the change in the matter of being able military man, inspecting, taking and forbidding just to not aligned with his interests, have decided with greater impunity to seed to the Nguev with hundreds of noses nuclear. The emanations product of the enrichment of uranium detectable and will be only fought exclusively in countries potentially ” renegados”.

Brief note on Venezuela and its defense, country ” renegado”. For a country like Venezuela, however, in nothing nailed within the calls ” armies of cielo” , will not be that way any acceptable theory that it justifies the defense of his enormous natural resources by means of armament, as apparently they must be at the disposal of those who exerts the providencialista militarista doctrine in the world (there are evidences of the presence of the Mosad already between Venezuela and Colombia). On the contrary, you quickly will find an accurate description of how it is that a country with the story to want to defend his natural dowry and sovereignty little by little is outlined like an apostatized State or forajido, dreaming about being able nuclear, decolonizing themselves of so ” patio trasero” that there is that way, nailed within a well-known diabolic matrix like ” axis of mal” (North Korea, Iran, Cuba, etc.). It would not be worth of great thing to argue, for example, with the same ridiculous audacity whereupon others repeal divine powers, that protect within their territory to the older geologic formation of the planet (the Guayans Bulk), which could give matter to reason that it is a really sacred ground, beginning of the world if it is wanted, defensible religiously, already put in the same tonic to fight stupidity with absurdity. Finally, put in the tonic of being free and to speak with sovereignty, it is necessary to say that the freedom always has consisted of that: to unballast themselves of led back atenazantes myths and magic, to burst paradigms, to fight to the one power, therefore announce asylum. To say with Bolivar who if the nature becomes opponent is necessary to fight against her and to dominate it. To the apostatized ones they do not have left another route to be free in truth.


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