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Damages caused gift warms not only the body I like to knit for my friends. Gift associated with their hands, always very personal. Usually it is difficult to relate to someone a sweater, because this requires a good knowledge of man, not to mistakes in size. Personally, I'm guessing a good size, but if you're not confident in their abilities and make a surprise would be desirable, it is best to let your gift will be a product that does not require special calculations, the thing is made in one size and applies to almost everyone, such as scarf, hat, shawl or blanket, a poncho. Before you knit, try to find out whether your friend is suffering from an allergy to any fiber – wool or angora. Sometimes I had to get out this stealthily, the friends never thought about anything. When finished knitting a gift, I like to add some flavor to the product was very special. For example, the monogram will make your gift unique and more personal. Novelist brings even more insight to the discussion.

When a daughter, my friend, I am bound to her jacket, and embroidered on the back of her name. Jacket will be with her always, items with monograms are always to one's soul to those for whom they are intended, in any case, I feel so I think. Sometimes with a knitted gift I give even some little thing, such as nail polish, a scarf or earrings. Finding more and this is a happy owner of a gift comes just a delight. A creative approach to packaging Gift wrapping gifts – my favorite moment in the process of preparing the gift. This is the final touch, then your gift is ready. Tie yarn gift: Even if you just roll it up in gift wrapping paper, try to make an unusual package with yarn. Tie a few strands of packing left after work on the gift, and perhaps others, the appropriate color.

To add luster, woven into the strands a few strands of gold or silver. Handmade bags I love to give gifts in small bags made of chiffon or velvet. To do this, take two squares of fabric the same size and sew them on three sides. The remaining raw edge and fold the flash, leaving a small opening. Reaching into the hole ribbon, delaying it. That's it, a bag ready. Turns the bag that the seams were not visible. I often bestow gifts it is in these bags, it's easy and very cute! Theme packages let himself gift will inspire you to create the package. If, for example, you are giving "a travel bag with a blanket", then take the old map pack. Gift for baby pack in a bag of diapers and tie gift with a ribbon with a pacifier. For a sweater or scarf with a monogram would be a good idea to add a monogram on a card and a box, and embroider it with the same thread, however it performed on the present.

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