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Mentioning the way to it as the term was used theology in the period of the scholastic, the theological Joo Libanio Baptist makes the following comment: ' ' In the Latin world, Abelardo uses it in Christian theological direction to mention the treat one to it on God, while the term was used? it benefits? for the theology on Christ. Although this use of Abelardo, the scholastic preferred other names for theology: crhistiana doctrina? divine doctrina? sacra doctrina? divine institutio? divinitas? scriptura? sacra Page. Toms saint handles the terms? sacra doctrina? or crhistiana doctrina? rare the term? theologia? , and in a different direction of the current one. The term? theologia? it is not firmed in high escolstica' ' (LIBANIO, 1996, P. 66). He seems that &#039 here; ' divergncia' ' it was only in the question of the choice of the adjusted term to mention itself to the set of ideas that gave origin to the study of ' ' things sagradas' ' – doctrina crhistiana? divine doctrina? sacra doctrina? divine institutio? divinitas? , or theology? In more, one sees that in this period, independent of the term that if used, already thought theology as one ' ' systematic quarrel of the Christian certainties in general, and not only, and only, of beliefs concerning Deus' ' . This conclusion can be evidenced in works as, for example, the workmanship ' ' Four books of sentenas' ' of the theologian Peter Lombardo (1100-1160). Combining texts of the Bible with patrsticos authors, this workmanship was divided in four topics: the first one dealt with the Trindade; as, of the creation and the sin; third, of the incarnation and the Christian life; the room and last book, on the sacramentos and the last days. One perceives that in this period already it was possible to find theological a work organized that argued on some subjects related to the Christian faith.


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