Renaissance Artists

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Such volatility could be called miedo.12) do you consider postmodern?I see Postmodernity as an era of skepticism, disappointment, dissolution, lack of collective commitments of Ecstasy individualistic onanista, culture light. A huge ballroom of the Titanic.Tiene its logic, many systems, theories and projects have failed. Learn more at: Risa Miller. But do not consider myself a posmoderno.13) how should I evaluate a work of art?There are no formulas.Each is its own sentido.14) what is the first thing that comes to mind to wake up?I try to remember what they’ve dreamed of.The sensation experienced in the dream shows me how I feel, as estoy.15) to which artists admire and how influence your work?Nourish me many artists.I admire the great classics of Renaissance, Baroque, neoclassicism, the Impressionists, the classic anonymous Greek, Roman, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Aztec, Mayan, from Alamito list is endless. Michelangelo, Velazquez, Sorolla, Fortuny, Klimt, Schiele, Berni. (16) How was your international experience? when return to exhibit abroad?I lived several years in Spain and exhibited in Madrid, Malaga, Almeria, Paris, Pisa.Ahora’m by exhibiting in Guatemala where the pasado.17 year I already explained) does hurt to let go of a piece you’ve sold?Until some time ago it was me very painful. Now I feel joy, agradecimiento.18) purchased the work, or rather must be purchased from the artist?Painting is a job. It would be a negative connotation if the painter painted something that does not feel or undermines Yes to satisfy any interest. I don’t think that people sell through their work. Rather produce something that finds echo, commercially speaking, in the demanda.19) in art there is no guide, do you know what’s next to do?I have a plan for the next few weeks, not much beyond, and this also can variar.20) do you think, well, that great part of the works which exhibit contemporary art museums are already deceased artists?It is understandable, it takes long time to do a work, sometimes all a vida.21) what role have played in your career figures of art dealer, representative, gallerist, and intermediaries in general?I believe that the quality of a gallery owner is based on a set of factors, first of all and non-negotiable from my perspective is that rely entirely on its artists, i.e.

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