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Louis Leakey found the fossilized remains of ancient people who, judging by the structure of the femur, has been developed bipedalism. Potassium-argon method was derived age of the remains – 1.75 million years. But these fossils are preserved only there because of the peculiarities of the soil. Therefore, most likely the appearance of man on this site was already the result of his settlement, as originally people at all times, settled along riverbeds. In addition, Uganda, with its source of the Nile most closely matches the description of the Garden of Eden. So, where are you from? CONCLUSION. Recently, I have the feeling that all of humanity is on the verge of some global shocks.

And it seems not only me, Jehovah's Witnesses promise end of Light, fan fiction predicting the displacement of the poles, the mystically-minded citizens foresee the tragic events from the accumulated negative energy – black karma of mankind and so on. Environmentalists and climatologists are also not waiting for anything good after what we've done to nature. In short, the reasons are called different, but the conclusion suggests one – a world catastrophe mountains and everything indicates that it is almost impossible to prevent. As you know, old people love to visit places where their childhood went. Why? Just nostalgia? Or maybe subconsciously looking for answers to any questions? Here we are, as representatives of the elderly world standing at the last line going back to where leaking childhood of humanity.

Is it a coincidence that this is where life began? Rather likely, no. Whether this is due to the fact that Uganda is located on the equator in the fracture zone crust? Probably yes. This country can truly be called "geographical heart of the planet." Unfortunately, the colonizers and missionaries, almost completely poisoned the soul of the green continent. Mysterious, mystical Africa is dying, destroyed its romance, tradition, nature. Alas, the majority of Africans today have lost touch with the spirits of rivers, mountains and Earth. But perhaps we, the people from another continent, and therefore more receptive energy of this place to open up its secrets, show the path to salvation? And softly whisper in our ears when and where to build the ark …. Roman Kashigin,


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