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The earth’s crust has taken about 200 million years for training and can not sink into the magma plasma found in the earth. This crust composed mainly of iron and to a lesser extent granite rocks that have appeared about four million years. The training has not been uniform or consistent manner, including a period of rest there and among them a part of the cortex rose due to high temperatures sailing the crust then also cooled. And therefore dragged the ancient crust that had formed in the early stages. Do not forget the volcanoes in the midst of this situation of magma movement that sought to destroy the nascent bark, spitting on the air less dense minerals, acid rains which also had its contribution to this process. Hear other arguments on the topic with Bernie Sanders.

Here in this process can understand the passage of formation of granite that comes from the fusion of materials partially and separation process conducted 140 million years ago compared zircon crystals, another component of granite which begins its formation about 4.4 million years. These traces of granite and advertised in the magazine Scientific American, October 2005 in which the writer John W. Valley in his article “The early heat of the earth”, explains this early evidence of the formation of granite as evidence the formation of the crust. At first there was little to stand out in most continents, but little by little they were merging and gaining in thickness at the same time the magma covered by the existing process and ensured that more of the same thickness. The continent has its primary indicators in geological similarities exist in different parts as southern Africa and the Western Australian area specified in the craton: Pilbara Craton Kaapvaal craton and the South African Landscapes Barberton studies by geologist Bruce M. Simonson of Oberlin College who says bluntly that: I am a firm believer that Barberton and Pilbara are a continent that is divided in two. “Where do you find the evidence to indicate the conditions that formed the crust? Apart from the ice in eastern South Africa and Western Australia, we have to volcanic activity occurring in the tectonic plates resulting rocks are green belts that often form at the bottom plate that sub.

production is being introduced into the location of the magma. In America the evidence is located in the Sierra Nevada in the United States in the Pacific Ocean have the most recent evidence islands plate. Hopefully more studies.


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