Smileys – Expressing Feelings Without Many Words

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The history of the smileys is a completely, yet they are the expression of the probably most frequently used on the Internet today. Everyone familiar with the smiling, round, Yellow Sun faces the smileys. But no one knows where this face really does, and why it was originally created. He translated the smiley – means the Lagu or grimace, comes from English. He was invented by Harvey Ball. The artist has created the smiling face for the first time in 1963. The smiley for an American insurance company was originally founded.

The top ladies and gentlemen of this insurance agency wanted to raise the general mood in the company with smiling faces. With this face, it also managed. With the Sun-yellow colour and the extremely likeable smile of the face animates automatically each viewer to a slight smile. Then the large beady eyes of the smileys very lovingly and faithfully looking one, allow the Viewer to approach a compared to positive. Originally should the smiley as a button in the form of a PIN by all employees of the insurance company be worn. From that day, the triumph of the smiling face was not stopped. Harvey Ball, however, made a mistake.

He was not the General rights on the face. Apparently, he had not really expected that the smiley to a newcomer so would mutate. Almost eight years later, the Frenchman Franklin Loufrain discovered a unique opportunity to make a million with the smiley. He secured the rights to the face and was henceforth as the inventor of the smileys. Harvey Ball today therefore argues that actually he was the father of the smileys. So far, this action was however unsuccessful. Also in the digital world the laughing face intruded its soon. With the simple press of a colon, a hyphen and a closed parenthesis, joy is expressed today in the age of the virtual world and the mobile phones. 🙂 This is the father of the smileys on the Internet and many other electronic means of communication. Negative feelings are expressed as a smiley face. Here, only the clip is not closed, but open. For more clarity and thought, follow up with John Mclaughlin and gain more knowledge.. It looks like a crying or sad guckender smiley face :-(. The two faces of represented were the beginning of a large list of keyboard shortcuts through the many feelings and even whole sentences can be made to the expression. But in addition to these simple strings are very popular today with the smilies. Hardly a forum, chat, blog or Messenger you must waive today this form of expressions of feeling, Smileys are just everywhere.


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