Chemistry In The Pharmacy: Origin Of Medicines

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Between as many known chemical substances, those that present farmacolgica activity receive the name from farmoqumicos. Many of these are gotten through methods of isolation and purificao of samples originated from the Kingdoms Animal (former.: heparina) and Vegetable (former.: digoxina). It is, in the celebrities ' ' plants medicinais' ' , where many of these […]


Digital Libraries

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The main objective for efetivao of this work is to display the use of the model of Open Archive as source of scientific information e, specifically: to approach forms of disponibilizao of scientific publications in databases that use the model of open archive; to indicate reasons that justify the gratuitous access to scientific publications; to […]



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According to Soft, in Axe (1993): ‘ ‘ To demonstrate a fact is to construct a feeling of evidence of this fact in a receiving individual, communicating a message to it whose elements form a series of evidences elementares’ ‘ (p.37). Complete ‘ ‘ demonstrabilidade’ ‘ of the Mathematics she was definitively shaken from the […]



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The workmanship represents and express originalidade, expression and beauty. The figure of the gaucho already is part of the landscape, combining itself it, therefore, according to Hegel, it is impossible to make a statue or one group and, with more reason, a relief, without taking in consideration the place that the workmanship will have to […]


Math Lessons

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The central objective is the challenge that the pupil has in assimilating the content given in classroom through practical models (games, material concrete and experience of the daily one), of where the mathematics professor can show to its pupils the pleasure of if learning form mathematics more ‘ ‘ prazerosa’ ‘. This is one of […]


Information And Communication Technologies

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This article deals with the contribution of the information technologies and communication for the development of the knowledge and the professional identity, being based on the book of Dario Fiorentino on the Formation of Professors of Mathematics – Exploring new ways with new looks, it comes to say that the TICs has an important contribution […]


Brazil Study

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Thus liberating, the band of domain of GIVING, carrying through the process of dispossession of the same one and indemnifying the located proprietors the edge of the implanted highway. The main objective of the present study is to make an analysis on the study of release of bands of domain in Brazil, such which its […]



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They are not interested parties, therefore, in the businesses of? its? city: it does not pass of a place as others and as all, small insignificant e, when seen of the privileged position of ciberespao, its true one? although virtual? morada' '. But Bauman, in another book, Community? The search for security in the current […]


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