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I tell you a story that happened 41 years ago, but for me it is as if it happened yesterday, I was both impressed and framework I. In that time I have sworn that you I will behave well with my children, even though it was a 7-year-old boy. I knew that children are people […]

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United States Latin

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That is why I understand that progress towards the integration of the Latin American financial markets, will lead to the emergence of a segment of business that cannot be implemented in the current context. Financial integration in the region increases the chances of development are segments of the capital market such as the capital’s risk […]

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Article Lines

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Gold: they mean money, stability, lawyers, illustrious, art, abundance, good people, in the end as I have Depending on its placement, language is not specific but by their combination in the Chuck. There are also cards that respond, short phrases: If or not, firmness, can be regular, neither Yes, nor no, answers to questions specific […]

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The Gospel Of Mary A Document Apocryphon Revealing

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In quoted apocryphal gospel the reader discovers that many of the followers of Jesus met to talk about the Gospels and as Maria managed to motivate men. Also as in one of those moments Pedro asked Maria that you decide a speech, but with what intention? Peter questioned Mary questioning whether what he said was […]

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Countless are the number of failures that has had the medicine in relation to tinnitus or tinnitus, both at the level of diagnosis and treatment. Although its causes are now widely known, internal mechanisms that produce their perception could never be fully decrypted. (A valuable related resource: Michael Chabon ). Perhaps as a disorder that […]

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Of The Free Teacher Self-esteem

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When teachers have the freedom that is required to exercise the profession grow in self-esteem. The personal assessment increases and with it the degree of satisfaction for being teachers. Training framed in this idea of freedom is self-training. It is not solitary but shared by groups of teachers of a school or with another people […]

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Choosing Partner

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By: E. Orozco single most of the times was not properly a decision staying unmarried. They were emotional circumstances (failed relationships), social (there were who embedded in their socio-economic status), relatives (nobody was good enough for the potatoes), professional development (the race was the first), intellectuals (desired intelligence in a beautiful body) even morales (abounded […]

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ORB Written

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Colloquial expression plotted an episode of daytime simplicity and describes the scene of her small daughter delivered to tasty digressions in a secret and tired unknown language.The girl draws crude garrapatos of writing shadowing, it presents them to me and dicecon a smart gesture mohin: what says here, Dad? Then the mind of the philosopher, […]

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Studying English Abroad

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Learn English abroad has become one of the purposes of the priority for the majority of students and professionals who know the advantages and benefits of this option of studies reported, both in terms of education, academic specialization, optimization, professional and labor and inclusion in universal culture that prevails in our current times. The truth […]

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Francisco Franco

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The conversation was getting into philosophical honduras that overflowed unto me, so I tried to make a third change: what are those patches that there, in the bas-relief? I said, pointing to the nearest square column, and without question to no one in particular. I see that it has been set at once said Tovar, […]

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