Radamir Device

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It causes so-called metabolic block, ie stop cellular respiration in parasites, it is absolutely harmless to tissues and cells. It is very important that this does not happen the destruction of parasites, which usually causes a toxic-allergic reaction nausea, vomiting, headaches. Phenomenon was discovered by an American clinician, microbiologist Hilda Clark and proved empirically in […]

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Nutrition For Illness Recovery

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Perfectly removes even the 'usual cough' (recovering from illness) milk with figs. 2.3 well-washed figs pour a glass of milk and cook over low heat until the milk becomes brown. Milk drink and eat berries. The remarkable effect of cough have teas of pine buds (collect them at the end of June) and, of course, […]

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Good Manufacturing Practice

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This standard means caring about customers, minimizing the risk of essential food, excellent transparency, good governance, internal processes, the adoption of a global program of industrial control aimed at the implementation of food safety policy. HACCP – ‘Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point’ (Hazard Analisis and Critical Control Points) – an international system of requirements […]

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Find Support

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Indicators of achievement of this step of the last branch of this often involves a process of gradual development of the ability to recognize and prevent emergence again of the same reaction. It appears ability to recognize that what he is experiencing may be due to its abuse. He can begin to identify situations in […]

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Hydrophilic Gel Aqualift – Implant New Generation

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A new stage of development was the emergence of contouring in the arsenal of plastic surgeons and beauticians implant a new generation. The unique properties of hydrophilic gel Aqualift allowed us to refer it to the rank of universal gels. According to Ultra Wellness Center, who has experience with these questions. In addition, the positive […]

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The Romans

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Famous ancient healers Aesculapius, Hippocrates, Asclepius used massage, gym, diet as the most effective treatment for their patients. The Romans, too, enjoys a massage. For example, the great commander Julius Caesar used the services of massage therapists on a daily basis. Among Roman elite massage is widely practiced to cope with the consequences of a […]

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Development Personality

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Working with characterological radicals in training or during introspection, knowing their characteristics and compensatory resources, we make a fascinating journey into your inner world and inner world of other people, getting to know the deeper internal components of your soul, finding a harmonious balance in a bizarre mosaic individual personality traits. Study of characterization helps […]

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Hyperpigmentation Veins

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The extreme years of specialist, specializing in cosmetic exercise, concentrating its own desire for outdoor performance dryahleniya faces. Age, but affects the other shares of the body-legs, and their vessels. Small purple telangiectasia, a translucent skin, blue reticular veins, causing embarrassment embarrassment and including torture and people who feel young, rather than look their sandals. […]

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The Spine

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As a result of this deformation is incorrect load on the knee and hip joints, as well as on the spine. Which eventually leads to additional health problems, and sometimes – to complete loss of mobility. At the first signs of deformation of the big toe to the same address struck a podiatrist. The specialist […]

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Dental Clinics

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Voronezh dental clinics open their doors to provide its patients with quality and much-needed services. What fundamentally new services to the client can receive a dental clinic? Yes, almost all the same as in the private clinic, but to go to the dental clinic or dentist friend to a private clinic – only the choice […]

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