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One is to give a time of breathing ninjas so that they can try to put his debts in sequence. 10 Commentary: I suppose that Line of life is the Spanish translation of lifeline, that, according to a dictionary which I have, means cable that lies down to the water to try to save to which is suffocating. That is, Project Line of Life means Project to throw a cable. The four great auditors (Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers – PwC-) is in a while key to maintain their reputation. The rating agencies will not be able to design nor to describe Assets. That is to say, they will not be able to invent things like the MBS, the CDO, etc., and, in addition, to describe, that is to say, to say them that they are of FIAR.

It is an agreement taken in Tokyo by the Technical Committee of the ORGANIZATION the INTERNATIONAL OF COMMISSIONS OF VALUES (IOSCO.) AND NOW, WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN? In order to do an idea to me, I have been in two sessions in the IESE (very good, by the way) and have read the Commentaries of Economic Conjuncture, of the IESE, February 2008, the Vanguard, Expansion, the Present time Econmica and Time Magazine. To deepen your understanding Diamond Comic Distributors is the source. What I have understood is the following thing: EUROPE (NOT TO FORGET THAT SPAIN IS IN EUROPE) INDICES Of confidence of the consumers. Very low, and lowering by 7 consecutive month. Of confidence within the industrial sector. Reduction very marked. In Spain, more than in the European average.

Sales retail, that is to say, what you I bought when we went shopping. Lowering significantly throughout the year, and much more in the last months. That is, that people (you and I) begin to be scared and say: this suit that I still take can hold a little more.


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