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Today’s children know much about technology, communication tools, but animal and plant life for them – is something abstract, and yet all of us – part of nature, not technology. Certainly, no one person on the planet can not know everything about horses, but it is probably worth at least in general terms would be familiar with the topic, learn something from the history of horses, get information about the breed, read the legend and stories about these animals. Many people may ask a simple question: Why? Adults loaded work (study, homework problems or something else) say that they have no time for any nonsense. Youth representatives will tell you that much more interesting than computers (phones, discos, Adventure, this list could go on for quite some time). Children more interesting tv Teletubbies (sponge-bean, , Hairy, and other very cognition and development programs), very good computer game, in which was peaceful and humanitarian missions, sometimes even in the bosom of Nature (the Battle of worms, stalker, serious sem, postal, gta, etc.).

Indeed, why should we in the xxi century, some solipeds miserable? Person – a child of nature, but nowadays it has become a child biorobot working on the program: work-home-sofa-TV-remote dream-work (with some variations). Such a program (of course, simplified) You can make up for any age, gender, ethnicity, income, in general, almost all. In this “almost” does not fit the people kept in an age of technological progress is most valuable – the soul, in harmony with environment. About it seem to have forgotten, especially in cities, there to discuss global issues: wages, cork, crises, stock, phones, computers, software, weather, news, politics, football, prices, bureaucrats are busy people Well, How can we shower, Nature, and even more so – the horse. But interestingly, older, wiser people are gradually moving away from the usual for us “peace”, they changed the system of values, they are more interested in what happened before us and will (if we are not ruined) after us – the outside world: travel to the country, growing flowers, trips to the zoo, and so on. Maybe we “advanced” take a cue from them, a life form?

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